KotOR Dark Jedi

This skin is meant to be the typical dark Jedi as seen in the game Knights of the Old Republic. The reborn has always been a favorite for th...


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File Description

This skin is meant to be the typical dark Jedi as seen in the game Knights of the Old Republic. The reborn has always been a favorite for this character, and some very good replicas have come from it. This skin, however, needs a little more work to really look like the KotOR dark Jedi. For instance, the "black" parts are actually red, and you can still see the decal/pattern from the reborn on the torso and hood. There are also some black spots near crease areas, and perhaps the most obvious is the missing facial covering which really makes the dark Jedi in KotOR so cool. It would have been easy enough to do, too. Overall it seems more like a recolor than a reskin, and despite the smiliarities in their outfits, you need to do a little more than recolor this bad boy to make him a KotOR dark Jedi. I'd recommend giving it another whack and really go for accuracy this time instead of "well, that's pretty close."

Team Support: No NPC Support: Yes BOT Support: Yes New Sounds: No


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KOTOR DarkJedi

installation: unzip file in the jedi academy game folder, or if u have a mod folder extract there, then place the aol.pk3 file into your "Star Wars Jedi knight Jedi Acedemy/Gamedata/Base" folder,or where ever you have the game folders into.
	-=_ Contact _=-
E-Mail: jajapri@yahoo.com
AIM: Cetanu666

	-=_ Comments _=-
 Well this is my very first skin, based off the KotoR Dark Jedi's, this does not replace the reborn,or shouldnt at all.

i am right nowworking to see if i can make a better dark perversion texture for the face.

	-=_ Commands _=-
npc spawn dark_jedi_single
npc spawn dark_jedi_dual
npc spawn dark_jedi_staff

Bot Support: no (well, idont know how to make them usable in the multiplayer character selectin screen yet :[. )
Npc Support: yes
Team Support: no
New Sounds: reborn twins

Bugs: i dont know if any, but you do find some let me know and ill see if i can fix it.

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