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So many files, so little time.... Bottom line is, within this file elements of the animation file for the game's models are changed, to have...


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So many files, so little time.... Bottom line is, within this file elements of the animation file for the game's models are changed, to have poses/stances resembling Knights of the Old Republic.

Well, first, I'll redirect you to Nozy's original review of this file, then... well, highlighting what's changed between the two versions is tricky, as the change log wasn't so specific.

And then... well, I can't really round off with a summation of the changes, since the changelog didn't specify exactly what had been altered between versions and I can't spare half an hour right now in order to closely examine each and every animation compared to the previous release, sorry.

Beat in mind that like all animation mods, you can only have one active at one time, and attempting to have more than one causes the others to simply not work. Richard would probably also throttle me if I didn't slap a big "DON'T TRY TO USE THIS WITH OJP!!!!" sticker across this review, because like any custom animation mod it will bugger up OJP's saber system, so the OJP community have been warned as well.

~ Kouen

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Modification
TITLE: KOTOR Stance Mod 2.0
AUTHOR: master_ibonek
E-MAIL: master_ibonek@yahoo.com


CREDITS: George Lucas, RavenSoft, LucasArts, KOTOR 1&2

INSTALLAION: Extract to Gamedata/base folder

DESCRIPTION: This mod replaces different stances and animations in JA. This is version 2.0. Theres only a few changes. It will edit the following:

- Normal standing animation- replaced with the normal standing animation from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.
- Medium saber stance- replaced with the normal saber stance from KOTOR. Just a 1 frame stance so far. Might continue with the full animation some other time in another version.
- Fast saber stance- replaced with the stance Darth Revan uses when Bastila and other Jedi "fight" him. I thought that was a really sweet stance, so this is when I decided to do this mod.
- Strong saber stance- replaced with Darth Malak's saber stance.
- Dual sabers stance- replaced to the one used in KOTOR.
- Staff saber stance- replaced with the staff stance in KOTOR
- Choke/Grip animation- replaced with a stance similar to the one in KOTOR. Not totally accurate but close i think.
- Running with saber- replaced with the normal running animation. I thought it looked alot cooler and more natural.
- Running with dual saber- replace with the normal running animation also. I thought that the defualt animation looked terrible. Like the player was shaking their hips back and forth like some freak. Looks alot better even thought saber blade hits ground sometimes.

BUGS: none that I know of. report to me if you find any!

COMMENTS: Someone made the raw data for some of these stance/animations, but I tweaked them and based mine off of them. I dont remember who did them, nor could I find out who it was but they have my thanks. Ones that they did were the grip, the standing stance and the Malak stance. 

REMEMBER, you can't have two stance mods in your base folder at once, or else one won't work. ENJOY!



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