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If it were me I would have packaged this NPC pack with the skinpack, but the author didn't so we posted them separately. This is an NPC pac...


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File Description

If it were me I would have packaged this NPC pack with the skinpack, but the author didn't so we posted them separately. This is an NPC pack for the {Kott} Skin Pack. There's not much to it - 8 NPCs (several reborns, the stormtrooper, and a couple Wookiees).

The author mentioned a bug where you have to hit the melee Wookiee NPC before it starts attacking you. I personally didn't have this problem - it started after me right away - but in case it's a bug for some people it may be a good idea to keep that in mind. One thing I noticed with these NPCs is that the author didn't put much in the files, but... dismemberment was still very high. I have never had quite so much fun dismembering Wookiees before. I'm assuming since it was not actually put in the NPC file it auto set itself to 100%, so if you like dismemberment you may actually have a good time with this pack. I found it much more amusing than I should have.


NOTE: Find the {Kott} Skin Pack here: http://jediknight2.filefront.com/file/Kott_Skin_Pack;45051

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Made by {Kott}Revan
NPCs included:
A reskin of the "new reborn" to make the cloth a green color 
Then there is a skin I made off the "cultist" which I made into a cool ninja also in addition
then I made a nogri or whatever its called with green skin very cool!
also a dark trooper
a chewbacca
2 reborn twins one green one blue
Instalation/How to use:
extract the file then stick it in your
C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base
Then start jk3

then in a server with spawning
/npc spawn kott1  (reborn twin in blue)
/npc spawn kott2  (reskined chewbacca)
/npc spawn kott3  (reborn twin in green)
/npc spawn kott4  (ninja)
/npc spawn kott5  (noghri)
/npc spawn kott6  (reskined reborn)
/npc spawn kott7  (darktrooper)
/npc spawn kott8  (hand to hand chewy) - GLITCHY (read notes)
Bugs: The hand to hand chewbacca you have to hit it once or 	twice to get it to start attacking and it doesn't 	really move....
Let me know if you find more!
CREDITS: Zett from the LSO clan for teaching me to skin
         and the maker of npc tool
Made by {Kott}Revan
Contact: turck11@hotmail.com

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