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Clan skin packs are always fun. I don't know why it is that clanners like to take Raven models, make them funky colors, slap a clan logo or...


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File Description

Clan skin packs are always fun. I don't know why it is that clanners like to take Raven models, make them funky colors, slap a clan logo or text on the back, and call them art. That's what we have here. Twelve skins. There are two Jawas (that look almost *exactly* identical to me), two reborn twins (one green and one blue), two cultists (exactly the same, except one has the KOTT logo on the back), a noghri, three new reborns, a Chewbacca reskin (which looks the same as the Raven one to me), and a navy blue stormtrooper.

You'll have to see the screenshots for yourself, but what it boils down to are that these skins are simple reskins with very odd color choices. I especially abhor the "dark" skins, such as the jawas and the 'ninjas'. Reducing the lighting takes absolutely no skill or time, and I hate it when people do that and then submit it like it's a great skin. Ugh... sorry for the rant.

Anyway, check the screenshots out. They speak for themselves.

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Skin info:
Created on 7-17-05
Made by {Kott}Revan
NPC: No its not an npc pack
Skins included:
A reskin of the "new reborn" to make the cloth a green color with 2 more skins off that one that have blue and red armor in the torso and legs
Then there is a skin I made off the "cultist" which I made into a cool ninja also in addition I made two versions one with {Kott}'s logo on its back and for more fun well for you guys anyways no logo on its back
then I made a nogri or whatever its called with green skin very cool!
also a dark trooper (2 skins)
a chewbacca
2 reborn twins one green and a blue one
Instalation/How to use:
extract the file then stick it in your
C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base
Then start jk3 and its in there
Bugs: None known by me
Let me know!
Made by {Kott}Revan
Contact: turck11@hotmail.com

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