Krystal's Descent

This map that graces our altar has so much potential to be so much better =_=. Gracing our altar today is a map was meant to represent part...


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This map that graces our altar has so much potential to be so much better =_=. Gracing our altar today is a map was meant to represent part of a palace level in Starfox Adventures. Suffice to say, it needs work.

When I first entered this map, I was immediately greeted with disappointment, and yet, enjoyment. Suffice to say, the music is most befitting, and I'm definitely keeping it, because it rules planets. Now, onto the disappointment.

The lighting is nonexistant in this map, and it really shows. There are a couple token braziers mounted on the wall, putting no real light sources out, thus sort of making their purpose invalid. I cannot contest the current empty box-like regions in this map, as Nintendo is infamous for making a bunch of useless empty areas, most noted in Legend of Zelda games. That being said, I will not blame the author for trying to be accurate, if such was the case.

The textures were a decent selection, but I believe they would have been much more useful and appealing with appropriate lighting. I can't say I agree 100% with the "pipe" textures on the outside of the palace, but I could bear with it. My biggest qualm was what I suppose were the "light rays" emitting from certain areas of the map. Not very realistic looking, or very appealing much, albeit the texture is an okay choice. However, without the lighting, it sort of kills the purpose.

With all that being said, I have a number of suggestions/challenges for you:

- Lighting is definitely a must have. Coordinate your lighting as appropriate with the light sources you have and any future sources. Also, those light beams need to be fixed accordingly to with the lighting you make. That, and perhaps make it branch out more like a circular pattern in the windows, rather than a cylinder.

- The fallen pillars are a nice addition to the map. See if you can try to make them seem more "broken off" than what you have now. As of now, the pillars look like they just pop clean off. Perhaps trying modifying the ceiling, floor, and ends of the pillars to look as if they were broken away, rather than being popped out for replacement. Also, the entry pillar needs the other chunk, or rubble of it, minimum.

- I dare you to defy Nintendo and spice up your map with furnishings. Make the map come alive! Add a throne room! Maybe a pool! Perhaps even a goring chamber with which to skin your enemies and make them into coats-- =_=...oh that's right. Starfox doesn't operate like I do. *sighs* Oh well, case in point, put some stuff in there! Palaces have more than just empty boxes in them.

Suffice to say, the map itself isn't bad in its current stage, but I think it needs to be worked on more. It has potential though, despite its simple architecture. Perhaps the masses have more to offer than I, so I shall simply scream the bandwidth song and turn it over to the masses.

Bandwidth! Bandwidth! It's width with a band! O, how I'd love to caress thee with my bonified hand. Bandwidth, Bandwidth, give me some now, OR ELSE I'LL GUT YOU LIKE AN OVER RIPE COW!

Yeah...I'll have to work on it some more.

New Textures: Nay New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Nay

- Averus Retruthan

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Star Wars Jedi Knights: Jedi Academy


Title: Krystal's Descent (Version 1.0)
Author: SilverYoshi

Filename: krystal_descent1.0.pk3
Filesize: 4.15 MB
Date Released: August 9th, 2007

Installation Instructions: Unzip the .pk3 file and place it in your Jedi Knights Academy Base Folder.

Description: I've always loved Starfox Adventures. So I decided to make a small section of Krazoa Palace (the section in which Krystal takes a part) and turn it into a JK3 Map. I hope you enjoy it, because there are some small special areas inside the map, of which they include a dueling arena and a small ceremony area. I hope that everyone who downloads this will enjoy it. May I also note that this is only the first version. I have a friend working on custom textures and a custom skybox. He's also teaching me a bit about lighting... so this map is completely lighted for the moment >> Again, I hope you enjoy and comment.

Bugs: I didn't find any, but please let me know :D

Credits: I'd like to thank the (JAWA) clan for supporting me and beta testing the map teasers for me. And Nintendo for giving me the idea >>

Comments: Enjoy everyone. If anyone would like to give me advice or criticism (other than the jk3files people) please tell me sometime.


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