Ky-SplashSkin V2 for pc/mac

Here we have a version 2 to the splash themes. This will replace the startup screens for sp and mp. Whats kinda nice is the author made th...


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Here we have a version 2 to the splash themes. This will replace the startup screens for sp and mp. Whats kinda nice is the author made this for both mac and pc with seperate versions included in the zip file.

Im all for small mods like this which change things up just enough to keep things unique. I prefer the pics created here over the now old and tired ones included originally... I guess having played this game since day one, anything that can foster a new feel is good.

The pics themselves are good ones as you can see below. Although this may have been technically simple to make, I have to say nice work for it was done well.


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-= Description: At Last! The second edition of the ever popular start-up screen mod. This has got the looks and I'm ready to bet on it! :P
This time around I've spent even more time perfecting the pictures; and I even came around to create two Mac OS X icons to replace the default ones of JA SP and JA MP on Macintoshes.
I hope you enjoy getting a great new look to your game as much as I do. :D

If you find any files starting with a dot, don't worry about them. They are Macintosh files that are hidden on a Mac and only visible on PCs.
(For ex. like the "Thumbs" cache file of Windows.)
You can delete them because you don't need them.
For Macintosh users on the other hand, they are very important because they contain the icons I created.

-= Release Date:
Oct. 7th 2005

=- Author: Kenoiyan

-= Email:

-= Time Spent on Project: 5 hours (*yawns* sleepy me...)

-= Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop CS and Apple TextEdit

=- Installation instructions for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux:
Just simply drop the Ky-SplashSkin_V2.pk3 file of this zip pack into your Jedi Academy/(Gamedata/)Base folder.

=- Installation for Additional Mac Icons:
Please note that the icons can only be viewed and used on a Macintosh computer running Mac OS X.
To set the icons to display on the applications "Jedi Academy" and "Jedi Academy MP"; click once on one of the icon folders and press "Apple" + "C".
Now find the application you want to put this icon on and right click (ctrl+click) it. Select the "Get Info" option from the menu that appears.
Now click once on the small version of the default icon in the upper left corner of the window. Press "Apple" + "V". You will see the new icon appear in place of the old one.
Close the "Get Info" window.
=- Removing the SplashSkin Mod:
Just find the Ky-Splashskin_V2.pk3 file in your base folder (where you put it) and move it out of the folder.

=- Removing the Icons:
To remove the icon you placed on the application simply open the "Get Info" window again, select the icon and press "delete". You will see the default icon return in its place.

-= Lots of Thanks to:
Sared for supporting me with the release of the first SplashSkin mod; Lucasfilm Ltd. for the images; Raven Software and LucasArts for such a versatile game and for making JA editable.

=- Personal Rights:
If you want to use the contents of this mod for other projects that are going to be released online or in public, please ask me first:


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