Kyle and Jan - Lunarbase Escape

I love Kyle and Jan. Well, I mean I loved them in Dark Forces 2. We know everything went to you-know-where as soon as the series came to the...


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I love Kyle and Jan. Well, I mean I loved them in Dark Forces 2. We know everything went to you-know-where as soon as the series came to the Quake 3 engine, but that's beside the point. Kyle and Jan have been a team since 1995 when Dark Forces came out, and they've been together ever since. This video attempts to continue their story.

The first mistake in this video was to use the introduction from Jedi Outcast -- word for word -- to start us off. If that doesn't seem like déjà vu I don't know what does, and it also strikes me as quite repetitive. With a little imagination something new, or even similar, could have been done, but just grabbing the JO intro doesn't seem to work. I'd say the next mistake was having Kyle and Jan split up -- I just don't see them doing that, especially after Jan's tendency to get herself in trouble when she's alone. Captured by Jabba the Hutt, captured by Desann... bad idea all around, and I'm thinking by now they would've learned better.

And guess what? Jan gets herself in trouble yet again! And you get to watch her have a 90 second shootout with stormtroopers. Personally I think 15 seconds would've been more than adequate to shoot down two stormtroopers, so I'd label the extra 75 as unnecessary, repetitive, and boring. It just drags on far too long and loses interest completely after about 30 seconds. Not to mention I'm pretty sure Jan got shot at least twice. You don't normally walk away from a direct blaster shot, much less two.

And then of course Kyle has to fight a random unexplained reborn who for some reason just knocks Jan over and then lets her run off. Why didn't he kill her? Maybe he was feeling generous... who knows, to be honest. Now we get to watch a three minute almost entirely unchoreographed duel where Kyle murders the unarmed reborn at the end. Not very Jedi-like, to be honest.

I'd say the biggest downfall of this mod is using Kyle and Jan. I love 'em to death, but when you can only recycle existing sound files it greatly limits the depth of the story you can produce. I don't think Kyle and Jan say more than about a paragraph's worth of dialogue through this entire video, though, so it certainly could've been better than it was. As it is it watches more like you should be playing a single-player map than watching a film. The only draw back is... well... you don't get to play anything.

In the future I'd cut out all the fat and keep the video concise and to the point. Nobody wants to watch a duel drag on for three minutes unless it's interesting, so keep it short and sweet and people will keep interested in it longer.


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Kyle and Jan - Lunarbase Escape
AUTHOR: OmegaCloud

DATE RELEASED: 07 January 2008 

CREDITS: Thanks to all my actors who were extremely co=operative and hard working with this project. Thanks to LucasArts for their amazing characters, Jan and Kyle. Thank you to the MovieBattles team for their increidble mod and map. 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Open using quicktime if you can, if not use windows media player.

DESCRIPTION: This story takes place after the JKA story when Kyle is now working with Jan again. Mon Mothma sends the two out to search for a ship that has given off a distress signal in the outer-rim territories, only to find trouble as usual. 

BUGS: Few choppy scenes, restricted voice acting, low quality in parts due to large video

COMMENTS: I spent a very long time on this video and unfortunatly my high quality version was over 2GB so i wont be releasing that any time soon. I hope you all enjoy the latest and sadly probally last adventure of Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors.


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