Kyle Sith Apprentice

For those of you unfamiliar with this series, here's a quote from the previous version's review to assist your blood Kyle's shir...


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File Description

For those of you unfamiliar with this series, here's a quote from the previous version's review to assist your blood

Kyle's shirt is now a fiendish grey, with a stylish stripe going across it, and fancy new cuffs. His trusty arm patch has been turned completely black, along with his pants and shoes. For an added Sith effect he has red eyes, perfect for hunting down some of those pesky junior Jedi. Overall the shirt has a very good design, and manages to implement a lot of change, without being overstuffed.

Now, there are some problems with this skin, which I found to be somewhat big of a deal. Precisely, the author compressed his jpg's as much as he possibly could, resulting in VERY low quality textures. While this is not so visible on the shirt, his pants are so horribly pixelated they look like something VERY pixelated.

Other small things which could very well be fixed is his almost textureless collar, it looks very much out of place and with a tiny bit of effort could be turned off. Same goes for Kyle's arm patch. It's pitch black, and I'm sure the skin would work a lot better without it, or it could be textured properly. Lastly his eyes are completely textureless as well, a simple recolor of the default eyes would look a lot more professional, but then again, when you play you never get to see them anyways.

In version three, the author included team skins. These don't vary from the originals save for a recolored stripe and cuffs. I was never a fan of these kinds of team colors for you can barely tell whose on which team.

Simple enough? Good =_= now, version 4 has literally two tiny updates.

this removes the shoulder pad and fixes the collar color somewhat.

A very small, almost unnoticed set of changes. However, I suppose it's enough to keep this skin alive. I was personally hoping the author would at least do something about those terribly paintbucketed eyes, but I suppose not. The only other thing new added would be the bot support.

Want it? Submit bandwidth. =_=

Bot Support:Aye NPC Support:Aye New Sounds:Nay Team Support:Aye

- Averus Retruthan

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Kyle Sith Apprentice FINAL 
AUTHOR: Marcus Cole 
WEBSITE: dont have one

FILENAME: kyle_sith4.pk3 
FILESIZE: 511 kb 
DATE RELEASED: errm today...24th of june 2007 

CREDITS: my buddy DarthLukas for the previos versions 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: take the kyle_sith4.pk3 and drop it into the base folder. 

DESCRIPTION: My buddy said that he would discontinue work on the Kyle Sith Apprentice model and i was lik 0.0 nooooo!. So i asked him if i could continue working on it. Now i suck at skinning but to edit the scripts to add a few tweaks that i can do. adn so i did. this removes the shoulder pad and fixes the collar color somewhat. 

BUGS: well.....none 



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