Kyrios, Jedi Knight

AN EMO JEDI?! Yes you heard that right, an Emo Jedi. I never thought such a thing would be possible, since technically the Emo image of mood...


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AN EMO JEDI?! Yes you heard that right, an Emo Jedi. I never thought such a thing would be possible, since technically the Emo image of moodiness and dark clothes would tend to lend itself more to the Dark Jedi theme, but there you go.

For those of you who aren’t aware of what an Emo is, they are large flightless birds native to Australia, and…umm wait, no sorry that’s an Emu. Ehem. :P This Wikipedia Article should thoroughly explain the concept of Emo, for anyone who doesn’t know what it is.

Anyway, here we have an Emo Jedi, complete with the trademark dark clothing and black hair with bangs across the forehead, together with a dash of white highlight in there too. This fellow’s face is also rather pale, which actually makes him look a little creepy, at least to me anyway. A cool feature of this mod is that the character is customisable using the customisation screen in the profile menu. There are a variety of different options, including robed versions and also different heads with slightly different hairstyles.

There are a few things I definitely think need to be added for next time. The most major one is team support. Unfortunately this skin doesn’t have team skins, which is a bit of a disappointment, as I feel team skins could have allowed for some more variation in the look of the character. For instance, instead of the white highlights in the hair, you could have had red or blue highlights for the red or blue team, which would have fitted well with the Emo theme. Also you could have had slightly different clothing or hair styles to go along with each team skin.

This skin does have some new Anakin sounds, which is cool, but they only appear to replace the death and taunt sounds and not the pain and rolling sounds. Personally I think its best to have a full set of new sounds if you are going to add new sounds to your mod. However saying that, the default sounds do sound just fine, so that isn’t a big problem really.

Overall though this is an interesting and different reskin of the HapSlash Anakin model here, certainly something I wouldn’t have expected. This is a good skin though and I think it is a cool idea, so well done to the author. Keep up the good work mate! :)

If you guys like the look of this skin, then give it a download.

New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: No Team Support: No


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Download '' (4.61MB)


Title : Kyrios, Jedi Knight (New Sounds) 
Author : Dark_Diablos
E-Mail :
XFire : Whenlightfades
Website : - My account name is 'Tyrael'

File Names : Kyrios.pk3, Readme

File Size : 4.62MB
Date Released : 26/12/08

Not the Gundam, sorry. Emo Jedi though? Yes! It's basically Hapslash's Anakin, but reskinned with white streaks and more of a darker yet human look and different robes. This reskin was done by Dante Kardo of RPG Zone, I recieved his permission to release this. Whilst he had only done a skin, I added the customization, icons, the different variations, the different heads and changed the metallic parts on the skin.
I edited the hair, as it was really needed.

Just the day after I sent this in, I got permission to add the sounds I would have prefered. Thank you Toshi.
 The icons look orange, they are intended to have a red background. They look this way because JKA seems to brighten everything and the colours.
Place the file as follows C:/Program Files/(Whatever your JKA folder is named)/Gamedata/base

If you don't have enough space in your SP customization just use this model command to get the default

/model Kyrios/default

All I did was make it a customization and edited it here and there. As the hair, in the screenshots didn't match up with the streaks ontop of his head I had to remove the third one, and make it less because it just wouldn't line up. It was a better outcome as the shader now makes a silvery effect on the streak that isn't there. I added shaders to it, decided to use suitable sounds (I strugged to find good ones) and added the icons.
I think it's a brilliant skin. The hair effect is good, as long as you don't get too close or stare at his forehead you can't tell that the hair is skinned onto his head. As the metal parts weren't as metallic as they could have been, I decided to use my edited env chrome file, and did some funky stuff with the env shader.

For the hooded version to work, you need to click on a head icon which is using a hood, and then the torso which has the robe up. Without the robe torso, you won't get a robed head to match the robes. Robed heads work with a normal torso I believe.

Just decided to use the name because I liked it, and lacked ideas.

Again, full credit to Dante for the original skin, named Nero. I've always loved his work, especially this one. It's a shame he doesn't skin that often anymore.

Full credit to Toshi & Leofus for the sounds.
None that I know of apart from the hair looking weird when you get too close.

If you're gonna use this skin in something (a mod etc..) PM Dante or me before use, and place this readme in the Zip/pk3. However if you're unable to contact Dante or me, ensure that credit is given to Dante and myself and this readme is included in the zip/pk3. This action should be default. 

Dante Kardo (, for creating the original skin
HapSlash, for his HS Anakin skin and model
Toshi, for the Anakin sounds
Leofus, for creating/retrieving the Anakin sounds
Spanki, I used his customization scheme to ensure my own worked 
LucasArts for the sounds, but I'm not sure whether I need to credit them
Gundam 00 (Lol), for the name

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