Ladoras Rage

You know, it's funny. As I was playing this map, I was thinking to myself "gee, this reminds me a lot of Unreal Tournament." Then I read...


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You know, it's funny. As I was playing this map, I was thinking to myself "gee, this reminds me a lot of Unreal Tournament." Then I read the read-me and notice: "Based on a unreal tournament level." Nifty, eh? Not that I, uh, don't read read-mes... :D

Aaanyway, hopefully those of you who are familiar with the recent UT games will feel somewhat at home in this map. It's not huge, but is certainly big enough for a comfortable FFA. And don't plan on using your saber much; this map is designed for guns play, and I don't see anyone with a saber getting very far here. There are weapon pickups everywhere, from fletchette guns to the concussion rifle, and naturally the disruptor (although good luck finding a good place to snipe from!).

The map features a three-level industrial-like area. Despite its definite metallic and industrial feel, it makes good use of curves.. everywhere. Most of the walls feature some kind of curve, and this somehow still fits in with the texturing and style. The included music also fits quite well, not distracting, but adding to the mood. Definitely a great map; I felt right at home, and I hope you do too!

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Models: No New Music: Yes


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//                                               AngelMapper tm                                     //
//                                                      presents                                            //
//                                               Ladoras rage V 2                                    //

TITLE			: Ladoras rage v2 

FILENAME		: Am_Ladoras_RageV2.pk3

AUTHOR			: David duncan (AngelMapper/Malevor)



DATE			:5/27/07

GAME			: Jedi Academy Multiplayer

Game Mode               : Multiplayer FFA, Power DUEL, HELL
Build                   : Based on a unreal tournament level, atleast the idea was not much of the structure.

Build Time		: A year and a half probbaly just off and on

New Textures            : All New, except decals, and model textures

New Model		: None

New Sounds              : No

New Music               : Yes Ladoras rage = hitman theme song

Special thanks too Averus for helping me beta test it and prepare the world for my hellish dream's.
Norman: for use of his water shader.


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