Laser Tag

There are several problems with this map, the most obvious being that the music doesn't work. The second problem that really bothered me wa...


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There are several problems with this map, the most obvious being that the music doesn't work. The second problem that really bothered me was the lighting. Now I don't know... maybe the laser tag places I've been to are strange. But they're all dark. Because laser tag is no fun if you can see everybody all bright and clear! This map seems to make use completely of global lighting. There are no light sources of any kind anywhere, that I saw. And of course there are the textures. Coupled with the poor lighting these textures just look bright and glaring, ugly without any kind of shading, and quite random to be honest. I've never seen a laser tag arena like this, I'll tell you that.

This map needs many things, but I think a good place to start would be lighting. Good lighting will even make an ugly map look drastically better, so that should be an area of focus. Some more aesthetically pleasing textures also wouldn't hurt...

New Textures: Yes New Models: No New Music: Non-functional Bot Support: No


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Star Wars: Jedi Academy
Title: Laser Tag
Author: Jonny2199

Filename: laser_tag.pk3
Filesize: 3.1mb approx

Installation Instructions: Put the .pk3s in your Gamedata\Base folder

Description: This is my second map. I remembered to put textures in this time, so it should be better. This is LOOSELY based on a laser-tag game I played while on holiday in America. I say "loosely" because the only things I took from the place were the idea to have 3 stories and the metal coated stairs. On the ground floor there's a lot of tunnels and also a few raised up platforms (to fight on?). One floor up, there's a dueling section (clearly marked with colours incase anyone gets bored and wants to do the boxing thing "In the red corner..."etc). Finally, on the top floor, there's a pistol shootout, with boxes and walls to hide behind.

Bugs: I couldn't get the music to work... But i DID find a solution. In the second .pk3, there's music and a .CFG file. In the console, type 'exec mus' without the quotation marks to activate, then press the UP ARROW on the keyboard. Simple.

NOTE: This will work on any map, not just this one. I put it in 2 .pk3s incase you like the music but not the map :)

Comments: All custom textures, made on MSPaint or found on Google :P they don't look THAT bad...

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