Lava Pit

DeViLPhISh brings us a new JKA duel map Lava Pit. It has a very interesting concept to it. The map is nice because it is so simple yet it ca...


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DeViLPhISh brings us a new JKA duel map Lava Pit. It has a very interesting concept to it. The map is nice because it is so simple yet it can last a while. I thought it was interesting the way he made the map because the center of the map collapses I wasn't sure how because all I did was jump and it broke so either my saber hit it too hard or my jump broke it. Now, when you get to the bottom of the map its a small platform and lava is all around you so if you fall your pretty much in deep trouble. The look of the lava was a nice touch because all you have to do is push your opponent in the center and WAM! They will be down there burning to a crisp unless they land on that small platform. I like to think of that platform as a small jousting area. I don't think that it should be used for Power Duels because 3 people might get a bit too crowded. There was bot support, which is always good so if you need to practice just fire up a bot :). One thing I also liked is you can have a 4 or 5 person FFA on the map.

I really like this map because of the simplicity that is used. I kept laughing every time I fell into the lava for some reason it was like laughing gas muahahaha. Ok so the map is decent enough that it is actually a good map. I think the top can be used for FFA and the little bottom thing you play that game when you have those qui-tip things and you smack each other over the head with them and see who falls in the lava first. Good job DeViLPhISh!


New Sounds: No Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes (I believe so) Game Types: Duel, FFA

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Download '' (555KB)

 Lava Pit version 1.0

Title                        : Lava Pit
Author                    : DeViLPhISh
E-mail                     :
File Name               : Lava_Pit
File Size                  : 6kb
Release Date          : October 15 (or when I sent it in, not neccisarily when the site publishes it)

Description              : Lava Pit is a small simple Duel map with a single semi-divided room. Remember, lava hurts :).
                                 This is just a beta version and my first map so don't be too harsh in your reviews please. Have fun!
                                 Nothing new so thats why the file is so small(besides the fact that it's a duel map =D).

Installation Instructions: Just unzip the .pk3 to the GameData/base folder and you should be ready to play this map.
Known Bugs            : The only known bug is you cant access it from the menu so type map Lava_Pit.
                                if you find any other bugs or a way to get it to show up in the menu let me know at the e-mail adress above and put "Lava_Pit bug" as the subject
                                because I delete all other mail =D.


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