Lazy Chat v1.0



Are you too lazy to bow before a duel? Too lazy to type anything to the person you're going to duel? Then you need LazyChat v1.0!

*rolls her eyes*

Okay, these auto program thingies bug me. You go to duel someone and you're greeted with a multicolored line of text that basically says "Good luck Random Person!" or "May the Force be with you Insert Name Here". Blah. No personal touch. It's just all generic. Now, I do use a "Good Fight" bind, but I just can't bring myself to use those auto program things. However, if it's your cup of tea and you're looking for a simpler one than the others available, give LazyChat a try.




LazyChat v1.0 by Michael Hawkins A.K.A MJH

This program is pretty straight forward and easy to use, type %n for the 
name of the other person, or %s for your name.

Whenever a duel is started, if "Start of Duel" is enabled, it will 
automatically bow at the begining.

Included with this file is my JK3ChatScan.ocx.
I wrote this myself, for myself to make things easier for me.
Basically what this is, is a control that reads the Jedi Academy Console and 
returns the last line said.
It also has a send command.
If you would like to use this, feel free! please give credit, though.
if you need any help with this, feel free to mail me also.

everything saves automatically to the registry (no need to create extra 
files etc)
your name is automatically retrieved whenever you join a game or rename (you 
never have to type 'name' in the console or manually enter it, however you 
can if you wish)
Enjoy~ mjh

e-mail: [email protected]
aim: mjhpq0

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