Here we have a small map pack from Livingdeadjedi, including two maps -- one called ctf_outpost1 and one called thelosttemple. Both maps are...


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Here we have a small map pack from Livingdeadjedi, including two maps -- one called ctf_outpost1 and one called thelosttemple. Both maps are of typical LDJ caliber and both are very large! Definitely suitable for decent-sized free for alls.

Let's start with ctf_outpost1, since I tested that map first. The style is definitely Imperial, and many locations reminded me a lot of some film locations from the Death Star (I could almost see Luke and Leia swinging across the chasm, chased by stormtroopers!). The architecture is beautiful, and I think what makes this map significantly different from other Imperial-themed maps is that it's a little bit darker. The normally pristine gray walls have just a touch of shadow too them, which really adds a lot of mystery with such a simple gesture.

This particular map has some cool features in addition to just looking pretty. If you're looking for quick transit, be sure to check out the functional subway/tram. Also make sure to check out the whole map - it's pretty huge, and you'll be sorry you missed out if you don't check out every nook and cranny.

The second map in this pack, thelosttemple, has a much different feel to it, although at the same time it also has a bit of an Imperial flair. It has some outdoor areas, some indoor areas, some very industrial areas, and some ruins. I can say with certainty that this map has plenty of variation just from one room to the next, yet doesn't feel disconnected. I'd go as far as to say it looks like some ruins were converted into some kind of Imperial base or installment. I won't claim to know what was going through LDJ's head at the time, though. ;)

Definitely a wonderful pair of maps, and the screenshots will speak more for them than I could possibly express. Those looking for exciting large-scale free for alls should definitely consider picking these up. They've got enough creativity to keep them from being boring, but don't stray so much from Star Wars to annoy the purists. A win-win situation!

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes


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Download 'ldj_mappack.zip' (33.54MB)

CTF_outpost a Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy Map

Author		:  Livingdeadjedi
E-mail		:  ldj.mapper@ntlworld.com
Web		:  www.ldjmaps.jolt.co.uk

Mapname		:  CTF_Outpost
                                      (console: 'map ctf_outpost1')
Filename	:  ctf_outpost1.zip

Gametypes	:  ffa

Buildtime	: a long long time, cause i took a break :)
Compiletime	:   1 hour

Brushes		:  8136
Entities	:  2720

Botsupport	:  Yes
Secret		:  No
New textures	:  Yes
New effects	:  No
New models	:  No
New music	:  No


An imperial water processing plant. nuff said ^_^

Secrets and tips:-

As an added challenge to CTFer's most Guns, ammo, health etc is in the main flag base where you start. There is another weapon with some ammo and health in the central area should you find it...

If you fall in the water look for the small steps out near the centre

As you enter a base, at the first door crossection try pressing USE button to close the deathstar style blastdoor.  Same goes for most doors but this first one doesnt appear to do much at first, thus cutting off people after you when you have the flag. Although this can work against you and the evil ones amongst the opposition might close the door to stop you getting to your flag base... And might even camp out in said area :D

Not that i want to give any tactics away ^_^

Known bugs:
although doors have been tagged CLIENT ONLY  the bots somehow manage to still close them, so playing with AI controlled bots is not recommended... plus its CTF and that is meant to be played with HUMANS anyway

Facts about CTF_outpost
*Water made by Darth Norman himself
  The master of outside areas ^_^

Installation: put the .pk3 file into your 'JediKnight:JediAcademy/GameData/base' folder

»George Lucas			- creating Star Wars
»Lucas Arts,Raven,Activision	- making such great games like JK:JA (waves to people he knows at raven ^_^)  for teaching me mapping all them years ago
»all who are responsible	- the creation of the great software i used
				  (GTK Radiant 1.4(+Tools), Q3map2, EasyGen...)
»all members of these forums	- support and advise
					» www.level-designer.de
					» www.sjcleveldesign.com
					» www.map-center.com
					» www.map-review.com
					» www.levelsource.com

You are allowed to use textures and/or shaders for your own projects - 
IF THEY ARE NON-COMMERCIAL! (a little note in your readme would be great ;))

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