Leo Dominus

Model rating: * * * ½ (out of four) — 9/10

Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes

I love cats. I have...


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Model rating: * * * ½ (out of four) — 9/10

Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes

I love cats. I have a black, white, and gold cat that always cuddles up next to me wherever she can. The creativity of this model is wonderful, and it is made complete by the ever-competent author, who happens to be Inyri Forge, who happens to have included bot, NPC, team, and SP support, and has added new cat sounds (no LODs, but that's okay). It's great to have a readme that includes virtually everything that you need to know. I'm not an expert on modelling, and without reading the readme I probably would not have cared to write in here that the shoulders have a small, insignificant problem about which you do not need to care.

I was surprised when I tested this model in Korriban Tombs—that map looks the most Egyptian, and Egyptians worshiped cats—to find that what were supposed to be some lovable kitties actually weren't. These are some mean kittens. They electrecute you, fire rockets at you, and their growls are vicious and lion-like. However, these sounds sound good, and aren't just cheap crackles. I think there could have been more variety in the sound made when you damage someone, but overall they're great.

So they were modeled well—I am thankful that the author waited until she was competent with modeling before submitting her work—they sound good, they have all the features that anyone could want, but do they really look like cat-men? In a way, yes. As long as the head is facing forward properly, the heads look like cat heads, and the bodies... well, the bodies look like beefy men's bodies; this isn't exactly cat-like, but they're supposed to be cat-men, so it passes. The textures are accurate and do not look bad, but unfortunately they are so smooth that you could mistake these cats for bald, tattooed kitty-men. It doesn't look like fur. As a matter of fact, the texturing and modeling make these models look like colorful balloons that have been accurately and delicately blown up to the exact dmensions of cat-men; I say "balloons" both because the texture is rubbery, and also because they're so puffy from being so muscular. Nonetheless, I don't see how anyone should care about this quibble. They're cat-men, and fur is a difficult thing to do; what do you expect? If fur was modeled, it would be an insane number of vertices that would be quite difficult to make unless you have a tool for your modeling program that does fur for you.

Superb job, Inyri. I don't have to tell you to keep going, because I know that you will. Cat lovers unite!


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Download 'if_leo_dominus.zip' (5.99MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Leo Dominus
AUTHOR: Inyri Forge
E-MAIL: [email protected]

FILENAME: cat.pk3
FILESIZE: 5.99 mb
DATE RELEASED: 03 October 2005
BUILD TIME: Approximately 4 days

Polycount: 2345
LOD Support: No
Team Support: Yes
New Sounds: Yes
BOT Support: Yes
NPC Support: Yes
Single-Player Support: Yes!

First of all, I must give credit to Raven. Those of you who are experienced with modelling will notice immediately that I 'borrowed' the hands off of one of their models. That's all that's borrowed, though. One day I will learn to model hands ;)

Thanks to Almighty_Gir for lending me some of his very general reference images, which I used and modified in the making of this model.

I'd also like to give some credit to my cat Chelsea, without whom this model would be headless. Just remind me next time not to grab her by the head if I want my fingers intact.

FindSounds.com - great resource if you have decent noise-removal software.

Of course shoutouts go to my forumers, for support as usual, and a big thumbsdown to all the flamers out there. Go away. We don't like you.

Dump this is your gamedata/base directory within your Jedi Academy directory.

This model is rather self-explanitory once you look at it. It's a player model of a cat-person. That is a humanoid feline. It comes in three different flavors: Puma (default), Panther (blue team), and Tiger (red team).

You can spawn three NPCs: the Puma, the Panther, and the Tiger. The commands are as follows, in order:

npc spawn cat
npc spawn cat_blue
npc spawn cat_red
npc spawn cat_white

As you can see, I just tied them in to the team colors. It's simple, so it shouldn't be too difficult to forget. Also remember you can use all of these through the single-player customization menu.

To use the white tiger skin in multiplayer, use the command: /model cat/white

I'm going to dedicate this section to the model's shortcomings rather than actual bugs, since to my knowledge there are none. This is my first released player model, though by no stretch of the imagination is this my first model ever. Even so, I'm still kind of a newbie at this player modelling thing, so my style isn't quite perfect yet. As a result, this model doesn't deform perfectly in certain areas, specifically the shoulder. Part of this is poor polyflow in the shoulder area, and part of it is that I'm not an experienced rigger, either. However I've rigged it to the best of my ability, so it's not as bad as it was :p.

I'm very happy with this model. It has its faults, but I think for what it is it turned out quite well. I imagine this model could be used for anything from dueling to RPG (it looks like a Togorian to me, because I don't like the concept images of Togorians...)

You may not redistribute this file or any material contained within in any form without my express permission. If permission is given, this read-me must be included. It's not like I bite, so don't be afraid to ask. I'm not going to say 'no' unless your mod is a complete disgrace to the world, and there aren't many of those out there ;)


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