Every once in a while I have the unfortunate duty of reviewing a file that has a great concept, but awful functionality in-game. This is on...


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Every once in a while I have the unfortunate duty of reviewing a file that has a great concept, but awful functionality in-game. This is one of those files. It's great for you guys if you want the inane ability to kill players in a single hit, and it looks REALLY nice...but it unbalances gameplay so badly in favor of double-saber users, I don't see why you'd use it.

The author did a great job in modeling this, and it looks REALLY nice...(did I mention it looks really nice?) but as I said...its functionality in-game appeals to nothing more than Kata users or people who like to run around aimlessly swinging.

You like killing? This is the weapon for you!

- Chrono

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|    Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy     |
 ==================================|                                   |
|  New saber hilt : The LightDisc   |
|       by Wolrajh/Xantcha          |

1). How to install :

 - Just unzip the <single_ckrm.pk3> file to your <install path>\Gamedata\Base
directory, launch a new MP game and select the hilt in the saber menu, under single
or dual style.

2). Yeah, nice to know how to install it, but what is it anyway ?

 - Well, I've make a new saber hilt, as you probably already figured. The fact is
that it's not a common saber or staff, but actually a 7-bladed weapon, looking more
like a chakram or just a spiked disc. Blades are way shorter than regular sabers'
one are also actually thinner. Hey, you've got 7 blades, just try a kata, and
you'll see... I wasn't going to make a all-powerfull weapon, now was I? ;)
I especially recommand using this weapon on a force throw enabled server, as it was
primary designed in this goal of making a projectible saber.

3). Ok I got it. Anyway to join you?

 - Depends who asks :) j/k.
You can reach me via mail at ;
Or the JRG's forum at where I'm known as Xantcha.
I have no website, so I redirect you on JRG's.

4). Anything else?

Maybe. A little disclaimer? Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy and the wole Jedi Knight and
Dark Forces series are properties of Lucasart and Raven (or so I think Oo Me not a
lawyier ^^' ).
The LightDisc is my property as I didn't use any materials from the original game.
You can add it to any futur projects or mods, but if you do so please give credits
and if possible tell me about your project by reaching me by any of the upper means.
It's my first release, so... ;)
That's all. For now.

See you,

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