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Saber blade mods have gotten pretty rare after the Episode III craze wore off. After a long while, we finally have another one to satisfy ou...


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Saber blade mods have gotten pretty rare after the Episode III craze wore off. After a long while, we finally have another one to satisfy our saber modifying wants. This one, called Lightning Edge, replaces the saber blades with a cool lightning effect. Included are several pk3s for some of the several MP mods out there, such as FM3, OJP and so on. There are also two pk3s that modify the saber blade radius. Nice move, that. With the original blade radius the lightning effect is barely visible, you can only see a slight vibration in the blade. With a blade radius of 20, the effect becomes very apparent and the blade itself huge.

In the end, it looks awesome. There's not much more one could ask from such a simple, yet effective mod aside from an epilepsy warning. But those with such misfortune shouldn't be playing the game anyway.

One can't expect much from someone who regularly gazes at the ceiling through the bottom of a bottle.

- Jose

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MOD Name: Lightning Edge - Animated Saber Blade
Author: ScorpDeathknight
Size: 615 KB (more-or-less)
Date: January 07 of 2008

Initially just a "let's see what happens if..." idea when i got bored and was fooling around with one of my programs, i tried to make a animated saber, featuring a lightning effect.
However, since Quake3 Engine doesn't support shader animations of more than 8 textures, i was a bit disappointed, and then a different idea popped up in my head.
I'll skip the details here, since almost every experienced modder won't need more than 5 minutes to figure it out himself...and the rest don't even care.
So, here we have a animation of 100 frames, lightning saber blade, which i wanted to share with the community.

Installation Instructions:

 Place the [_LightningEdgeBASE.pk3] File into your JKA's Base Folder

-Depending on Mod-

Place the [_baseJKA_LightningEdge.pk3] file into JKA's Base Folder (replaces ALL default saber cores)

-ForceMOD III-
Place the [_FMIII_LightningEdge.pk3] file into the ForceMOD_III mod folder (replaces Ancient Saberblade and fixes a FMIII shaderbug that caused all RGB saberblades to share a additonal blade layer)

-JA Plus-
Place the [_JAplus_LightningEdge.pk3] file into the japlus mod folder (replaces Electric2 saberblade)

Place the [_TLH_LightningEdge.pk3] file into the TheLastHope mod folder (adds the Lightning Edge as custom blade, this is where the blade was originally made for)

-Open Jedi Project-
Place the [_OJP_LightningEdge.pk3] file into the OJP mod folder (due to the mod's weird saberblade shader assignment, replaces ALL RGB sabers and black one with this <.<)
Note: only tested in OJP-Enhanced, i doubt there's too much difference, tho...


Saber Blade Width mods, which change the size of the default baseJKA sabers, so the lightning effect can be appreciated better (details are hard to spot on the normal size)
I include 2 sizes, but you could easily edit it and make your own size, as you please.

The files are [_LightningEdge_Size_10.pk3] and [_LightningEdge_Size_20.pk3] (Default size is 3, mind you)

Place whichever size you prefer into your baseJKA folder (or mod folder, not sure if any of them replaces the default data) and done.

Known Issues/Problems:

-Magnaguard Electrostaff (electrostaff.pk3) - one of the shaderfiles overwrites the purple lightning effect, can be solved easily by checking the PK3 and removing the shader that refers to the purple saber
-OJP sabermenu doesn't show the sabers as they appear ingame, furthermore, the black saber, color-cycle and all RGB sabers share the same idea why they added shaders for several bladetypes then...

Adobe, for the tools used to make the lightning effect.
Eric Lasota/Windshear Interactive for their RoQ converter.
Lucas Arts and Raven Software, for making a game i should have stopped playing long ago, but still am...
Friends (over the Internet, of course) and community members for feedback (if any)
7-Zip, for not being virus infected as my WinRAR is...

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