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It's a lightsource file so you won't be disappointed -Averus_Retruthan And right he was, I was not dissapointed with this mo...


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It's a lightsource file so you won't be disappointed

-Averus_Retruthan And right he was, I was not dissapointed with this model at all. It is excellent!

Lightsource has made a Batman model pack which consists of 5 models/skins -Batman Begins Default Red Blue -Batman Returns -Batman (The Dark Knight)

Each model is very movie-accurate in textures and models. They are all modelled up to the slightest detail noticable from the movies and the textures are almost identical. There aren't many good movie-based models around and this is definately one that is good.

The use of shaders really brings the models to life, and they are recommended if you wish to see the models at their best.

There are new sounds, as you would hope for, and they are all of good quality. The mouth also moves when you taunt etc. :)

I only had one dislike about this pack, the vampire Batman. It looked too feminin and too overdone with the shadering and it resulted in it looking a bit too shiny.

So, not much more to say about it because there are no bad points about it. Overall, an excellent model pack and extremely accurate. This is definately worth the download whether or not you are a Batman fan. I will be keeping this in my base folder as it is just....great!

-Dommie Kun

NPC support: Yep New Sounds: Yep Team Support: Yep Bot Support: Yep

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Batman Pack
AUTHOR: Lightsource
FILENAME: Batman_pack.pk3
DATE RELEASED: 8/14/2008

CREDITS: As always thanks to all the people in the forums with their tips, critics and support... especially Jose Carlos who has helped with some pats of the modeling and the rigging of the character.
Thanks to Mad Cat MkII for taking the time to record some of the sounds in the pack, not all the sounds made it to the pack but thanks to you I have been able to finish this.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip the "batman_pack.pk3" and place it in the base folder of the game ( C:LucasArtsStar Wars Jedi Knight Jedi AcademyGameDatabase...just in case )

DESCRIPTION: Well after all the hype of the new The Dark Knight movie I thought it was right to at last finish my pack of one of the coolest comic characters out there. This is a pack containing one Batman model with five skins... they are the default model of Batman Begins with his red/blue team of the classic Batman and Batman beyond and two more extra skins... Batman the dark Knight and Tim Burton's Batman.
The model/skins come with new sounds, single player support and bot/npc support... so I hope you all enjoy playing around with it as much as I making this.

If you want to spawn npc the commands are these...

npc spawn batman1: Batman begins
npc spawn batman2: Batman returns
npc spawn batman3: Batman dark knight
npc spawn batman4: Batman beyond
npc spawn batman5: Batman classic

BUGS / COMMENTS: Not much to say here... there's some clipping with the capes and in some parts of the model... all of that thanks to the shape of the model, the crappy JKA skeleton and my still growing rigging capabilities.

If you are thinking in re-skinning or modify these files in any way please as me for permission.


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