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Every clan should have a clan map. And Lin Kuei needed one, so CORK created this one for 'em. The best room made for this map has to be the...


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Every clan should have a clan map. And Lin Kuei needed one, so CORK created this one for 'em. The best room made for this map has to be the one featured in the first screenshot below. There's plenty of area for spectators to enjoy a duel or an FFA match below on the blue mat marked with the clan's tag. It's a very balanced room. Take one of the staircases up to a room where you can choose another room to go to. Your choices include a beach, a merc room or the Admin Tower. So I started with the merc room. There were many tall, square pillars that stretched from floor to ceiling in this room. Weapons weren't hard to find, but finding an opponent in that room might be. There are several areas to hide and snipe someone from. Though it wasn't exactly easy to get around the room. When I tired of that room (which doesn't take long when you're playing in a merc room alone), I moved on to the beach. I took the elevator up - which seemed odd, since a beach should be like, y'know, on the ground. But then I saw that I was simply above the water on many platforms. You could have some great duels there, I think. So then I took the elevator down to the beach. Okay, this is supposed to be a beach?? The water didn't look great, even though it lapped the edge a bit, it just looked unnatural. And the black ground looks more like asphalt than sand. The one thing that reminded me of a beach were the platforms supports. It kinda had that pier supports look ... only not really. So ... yeah. Then I was off to the Admin Tower. Two statues greeted me at the end of a hallway that just ... didn't need to be there. Oh well. Then, like, I saw the sign. Take a look at the screenshot there. Yup. Admin abuse. *rolls eyes* I'll try not to let that affect my review. The glass lifts that will take you up onto each new level are a bit tricky. You have to be standing in just the right spot and hit your use key. That got old fast. Not like I'd have a reason for going up into the admin tower again anyway. The rooms seemed to be nothing more than a place to wallpaper with screenshots and spraypaint names of people in the clan. The only secret area I found was a large room with two thrones.

I suppose I didn't need to worry about the admin abuse thing tainting my view of this clan and this map. The map alone did that. Really there is one good room in this map - the very first one. The map just goes downhill from there. If there were more secret areas, I didn't find them. I really didn't have the patience to find them. CORK obviously knows how to make a map - now make a better one.

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA


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Download '' (8.93MB)

Simply extract the lk_training_grounds.pk3 to your GameData/base directory.

This is Lin Kuei's clan map.  It has some good dueling areas with a nice FPS, and a merc room for all you gunners out there.
Yes, i do have some secret rooms in there.  Ill give you one hint.  If something doesnt work, hit the use button.

Author: {Lin Kuei}CORK
email: [email protected]

Thanks to all of Lin Kuei for ideas for the map, Bones for hosting many servers and name ideas, Xanatos for some of the more advanced ideas, Nan for name ideas, and whoever else im leaving out.

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