Line Duel

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The first thing I noticed when I downloaded this file of the e-mail server was its size. The whole map .zip file was 52 kb. Now that seemed kind of odd to me speak that the average skin can be around 600-700 kb. Still I played this map I tested it and after that I have come to the following conclusion: Some ideas seem really cool, and they turn out really dumb… this map is one of those ideas. The whole setup of this map is two little platforms with pillars along the edge (actually very nice pillars) connected by a walkway (no railings.) Yep… that’s about the whole map… wait… that IS the whole map. And I don’t just mean map wise, I mean everything wise. That one little part is the only thing this download contains; except for an .arena file (that’s what makes the map show up on the menu list in game in case you don’t know). So anyways, here’s a summary of this map: New Textures: No New Models: No Music: No Bot Support: No Level Screenshot: No # Of brushes used: (Approx.) 3 non-curve, 8 curve I really feel bad for this mapper, cause if he would have just added a little more to this map, it could have been very good (the architecture for the parts he DOES have makes that a fact). Maybe next time though. 5/10 ~DeathBringer }>



Readme LineDuel for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

File Info
Jedi knight Academy Map (duel) saber only


Put the line_duel.pk3 file into your Jedi Academy/gamedata/base/ directory.


Made by P!K
[email protected]

BETA testing

Dark Jedi and Darkraider


VBFAVRE69,  Malley, Liquid/eminem, Apocalyps and everyone else I know.

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