Lini's Sabers

Sabers rating: * * (out of four) — 4/10 New Textures: Yes Lini's update of the previous versions of the mod is as disappointing as th...


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File Description

Sabers rating: * * (out of four) — 4/10

New Textures: Yes

Lini's update of the previous versions of the mod is as disappointing as they have always been. Lini has added newer textures to his or her previous versions and fixed the "FS_ReadFile" error. The update of the textures seems pointless, because the hilts themselves are just as tacky and plain as they were last time.

Five new hilts are added by this mod, but none of them in summation are good. The saber claws have awkward clipping and handling due to the single saber stances. The tri-blade is nothing special, but it's still different: when you try to switch stances using tri-blade, it instead turns off two out of the three blades; unfortunately this results in the inability to casually change stances. The third of the three single sabers is a waste of effort, as it does not make any changes to the blade, yet the hilt is still hideous.

There are two available staff sabers, one being another unmodded blade with a grotesque hilt, and the second being the quad-blade. The quad-blade has four blades, half of which are angled perpendicular to the other half. I found the quad-blade to be the best in this pack, because even though the hilt is as ugly as the others, it's unique enough, and also seems to change the appearance of the saber trail.

The creativity of the blade design is not supported by what is more essential: artistic integrity. I do not recommend this mod at all—but users will download this file expecting to at least get something out of the saber blades, but they will be bored by the dreary textures and colorations of the hilts, and disappointed with the lack of creative intensity presented with the blades. Lini, you're doing fine on modding the blades of the sabers. Don't try to go any further with them until you have learned how to make the hilts just as nice. Inyri gave you this advice in an ealier review; it will really help if you take this advice.


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Lini's Saber Hilts V2.2 for Jedi Academy (JK3)

Title	Lini's Saber Hilts V2.2
Author	Lini

File Name	lini_sabers.pk3
PK3 File Size	~68 KB
Release Date	08/19/2005
Beta:		Aetyate, Lini


Unzip the file named lini_sabers.pk3 to your Jedi Academy base folder,
default WinXP = C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\Base


This pk3 contains the custom saber-hilts created by me, Lini.  So far, there are 3 single saber hilts and 2 staff hilts.

Included in the single hilts are saber claws.

Also, in the staff hilts, there is a quad-blade (a four-bladed saber).

What's New:

Some new textures, some others have been re-mapped to look better.  The FS_readfile error has been fixed. (I accidentally submitted a few of my backup files... *hides in hole* *pulls carpet over self*)

Please DO NOT modify and redistruibute and/or use this package in any other package/mod without getting my permission first.  If anyone has CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, email it to me.


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