Nintendo fans rejoice! Here we have a new Link model. But, oh no we don't. We have several Link models. With SP customisation support. And a...


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Nintendo fans rejoice! Here we have a new Link model. But, oh no we don't. We have several Link models. With SP customisation support. And all the colors for his outfit. And RGB support for JA+ users. And quite a few of his weapons. And some new animations.

(Yes, I'm aware that there are previous versions of this - however, I'm referring to it as "new" since it's been extensively overhauled, and in truth I really wouldn't have known they were related just by looking at them.)

Dan Kappahn, aka DAK, aka Antizac, brings us a great model pack here.

We'll start with Adult Link. I can say, that it looks very much like Ocarina of Time, only more lifelike. If I saw Link walk round the corner on my way to college, I expect this is what he'd look like. The accuracy, considering the difference between the sources of the engines, is quite surprising. The customisation offers the three tunics - Kokiri, Goron, and Zora (green, red and blue respectively, for those who don't know), as well as three extras - purple, cyan and grey. I'm not sure if these were actually used in any of the games, since I've only played A Link To The Past, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask and OoT: Master Quest, but they look just as natural as the 'canon' colors. You can also make your own with JA+'s RGB selectors. Black and gold look rather cool, if I may say so. Wonder what masks those correspond with - Ninja Mask and Paladin Mask, maybe? :p

My gripes with the Adult model are few. The boots - towards the top of the boots, the skin seems to turn into a flat black color. This doesn't detract from overall quality, but it's still not very nice-looking. Second is the holster. It looks good, and is a nice touch, but it doesn't really do anything. For JA+ users, it could have been added as a holster, but the swords don't seem holster-compatible either.

Now onto the 'Fierce Deity' skin. While it does look like the Fierce Diety version of link, I do have one complaint. The eyes look quite dodgy the way they were skinned. That's just a minor gripe, and not really noticable ingame though. Other than that, it's just as high-quality as the adult Link skin.

Next up, is Young Link. He certainly resembles his Ocarina Of Time counterpart very well. He's a bit chubby, though - I suppose with the baddies defeated, he's missing his excercise. One problem with Young Link, is that no modelscale.cfg was included. While this would do nothing for a lot of people, considering most servers run JA+, it would have been a nice touch. Not many gripes here either.

The weapons are next. Included, are the Kokiri Sword, Master Sword, Hylian Shield, Kokiri Shield, and two versions of the Hero's Sword - one from Twilight Princess, the other from Majora's Mask. The weapons are all modelled... well, like weapons. They closely resemble their LoZ counterparts, but like the model, they've been changed a little to look more realistic. I didn't take seperate screenshots of the weapons, but I tried to include at least one shot of each with the model screens, so take a look for yourselves.

Now, I admit, I didn't test the new animations pk3 which has been included, but apparently it changes the dual saber stance to something more suitable for a sword and shield.

Anyway, this is a great pack, and a very nice upgrade. If you like this, download it. Even if you just like swords, get the swords - they're worth it. ;)

~ Kouen

Bot Support: Yes Team Skins: Yes NPC Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes

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Download '' (7.08MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

(Adult) Link and (Young) Link (Legend of Zelda)
Version: 4.0 and 1.0, respctively
Model Names:		Link, link_young

Version:			4.0

Author, Model / Import: 	Dan Kapphahn  (DAK, a.k.a Antizac)


Sounds:			Taken from "Ocarina of Time"(N64) and "Soul Calibur 2" (GameCube)

Botfiles:			Included.

Thanks to:              Psynex, and squall_dm for contributing the sounds. Thanks again, to squall_dm for reporting the sound error.
                        A Big thanks to Joakim Hildemar ({DX}Obiwan, Killer_2000) for fixing the eyes, and encourageing me to update Link, the first time.

Special Thanks to:	Everyone at the Jedi Knight II forums,  for all their help, support and feedback. And everyone at the Zelda TC forums 
		( for encouraging me to do such an extensive overhaul on Link
			And you, for downloading this - Now, don't you feel special? =)


Known bugs:

nothing that stands out too much, except for a few clipping issues, with the arms and the sheath...
..maybe a few barely unnoticeable odd deformations...that might be it.

Link is gonna have to be right-handed, as he's always been in JO/JA. It's hard-coded, and built into the animations that way.
There's nothing I can do. Deal with it.


Version 1.0
A re-shape, slight modeling, re-weighting and re-skin of the Jedi Trainer model in Jedi Outcast, led to the start of Link's appearance in Jedi Outcast...

Version 2.0:
A few things have been added and changed. The Link's sword sheath is now included on the model (also removeable) - the strap across the torso, 
and the belt are more detailed (modeled buckles, and such...). Link's face has some slight modeling tweaks, but not very noticeable - the eyebrows on the 
face have been adjusted, (not to mention the wonderful eye-fix by {DX}Obiwan) I think it looks much better. Other than that, I think it's just about perfect, now.
(comment: What the hell was I thinking, back then?)

Version 3.0:
Re-modelled the hair and re-shaped the nose, somewhat - he looks more like Link, now. Added more detail to the gauntlets, and adjusted the boots, a bit.
Added the "sheath" version (with CTF skins, of course).
(comment: seriously, I should go back in time and kick my ass)
Special Bonus skin in Version 3.0: 
The Fierce Deity. Additional meshes were added to make this skin possible. Textures re-created by me, spending hours in Photoshop, glancing back and forth from 
screen to Majora's Mask player's guide, for reference. If you don't like the Fierce Deity, atleast appreciate, my greatest skinning job to date. =) 
(comment: It wasn't a bad skinnig job -but now it's better)

Version 3.JA:
Fully supported for JA (to the best of my abilities) Even works 100% with Dual blades...
-All skins work correctly, in JA, as well as the sounds.
-Swords included in zip as seperate PK3s, and work as selectable hilts with JA. 
-Bots use their respective hilts as well...
(Comment: did not have JA's Character Customization support)

Version 4.0:
-I originally started re-doing Link, back in late 2004... Simple tweaks, and later in spring 2005, I added the "Twilight Princess" gauntlets...
-Late Fall 2005, I started remodelling, skinning and re-UV mapping Link, and adding things for a fairly decent "Twilight Princess Link" model
-Basically fixed most of the clipping issues, due to re-modelling, almost everything.
-Added FULL JA Support - Character Customization support with color palettes. Previous version "Link 100%JA", it was not. 
-Added "Open Jedi Project" holster tags. The sword and shield should holster themselves perfectly with any mod that uses this function - considering the sword is saber_1 and shield is saber_2 
(Lightsabers or any other swords/weapons might look odd)
This model is now, officially 100% JA compatable.

Included, with this version, as a bonus - is "Young Link", from "Ocarina of Time"/"Majora's Mask" (I tried making him look like a cross between the two)
He also has OJP tags, but he looks friggin' huge, unless you have a mod, that allows "Playermodel Scaling" in which I suggest he be at a scale of 65.
But most mods limit scaling - so probably 70 - 75, would look fine.
I included an NPC file for "Young Link" - so you can atleast see him at the scale he's supposed to be at.
I also planned on having Character Customization support, for "Young Link" but I ran out of time. If any one wants to make a patch for this function (ONLY A PATCH) 
then please do. He just needs the "head_x1, torso_x1 and lower_x1 .skins, and the corresponding icons - the shader's all set up to work, properly.

I seriously doubt any more skins for Link, are even necessary, but your welcome to try and convince me otherwise.
...If you want to slap your damn clan logo, on Link - Don't submit it to any sites. Keep it to your clan.

Bring back this mod, right here:
Original story, set not too long after "Ocarina of Time"...Awesome, awesome mod. I loved what they were doing.

This/These model(s), it's geometry, and textures are not to be modified, repackaged, or redistributed without the 
express permision of it's creator, Dan Kapphahn.  IF allowed, this readme.txt file MUST be

(Amendment for all my current, and future models):

Only the sites where I have PERSONALLY submitted this model to, will re-skins be allowed. This will include,,,
Any re-skins of this model WILL NOT be allowed on Even if this model has been posted there, by me.
Place the link.pk3 file from this zip archive into the JKA/gamedata/base/ directory

Remove any older versions of Link from you base folder, to avoid any conflicts.

*Information *

Polycount:    		(I lost count...)
LOD support:  		No (if your machine has issues because of this, you have bigger problems than I do.)
CTF:         			yes
Siege:			yes
bots:        			yes
NPC:			no
Bitchin' Shader effects:	check.
animations:		nothing new (just the animation.cfg)
sounds:	 		yes
JA Character Customization:	yes
OJP Holster tags:		YES!

* Copyright / Permissions *
This model, and the textures that came with it are not to be modified
in any way without the permision of it's creators.

I don't work for Nintendo, nor do I have any contact with Nintendo - I am an 
independant modeller, (who wanted to see Link kick ass in Jedi Outcast/Academy) acting on my own behalf.
I have also not made any money or profit from the creation of this model - infact, I believe, I have lost money, 
and many hours of my life, that I can't get back, because I spent so many hours making this model.

(See Copyright information below.) 

(The Character) Link, The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess and related media, and/or characters are
© 1986-2006 Nintendo.

Soul Calibur, and Soul Calibur 2 are 
© 1995 1998 2002 2003 Namco Limited

By reading this document, at anytime, you have just accepted this as a contract, not hold the creator, website admin(s), 
hosting the model, LucasArts, Raven, or any of the third parties mentioned in this document, responsible for any lawsuits 
or legal issues that may or maynot incur.

© 2002 LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC. 
© 2002 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM or ® as indicated.
All rights reserved. Used under authorization.
LucasArts and the LucasArts logo are trademarks
of Lucasfilm Ltd.
© Raven Software LTD 2003, Activision

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