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XgamerX reviewed version 3.0 of this mod: Vouksh brings us a little add on to the Link skin. It is the Link Master Sword and the...


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XgamerX reviewed version 3.0 of this mod:

Vouksh brings us a little add on to the Link skin. It is the Link Master Sword and the Fierce Diety sword. He equipped both of the swords with the ability to be used as a staff. It came with a shield also that I do not like at all because it is not textured. I liked the Master Sword mainly because it looked good . The problem with the shield is first it is untextured and it is also way too big. The Master Sword looks hot like it is on fire! The Diety sword also looks really cool. I think he just took the sabers from the original link skin and changed them a bit, but who knows. There is a version with blood and I didn't notice much of a difference I just think it emits blood :/.

Overall this pack is interesting except for the fact that for some odd reason there is another weapon called Wolverine claws and they are just claws :/. They look really cool though! Good job Vouksh and you should know me from a previous time .

Unfortunately, it seems nothing has changed about this mod. I didn't test the no-blood versions of the swords, but I did notice that there was a bit of an error message coming up whenever I hit someone with one of the swords. "WARNING: Re..." Y'know what? Just look at the second screenshot there. So the good thing about this mod is it takes these swords and makes them much more sword-like, and less like sabers. The sounds, to me, were a bit too harsh though. Or exaggerated. Or something. The author says that he made 3.1 to fix the untextured shield ... but ... um, he didn't. Also, is it just me or is the damage like way too high on these swords? I killed my bots often in just one hit. Jedi Archy made some comments on the 3.0 version and he made some very good points. I suggest the author go back and read his comment. It might help for version 3.2. :)


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Jedi Academy Modification
Creator(s): <JS>Vouksh

Version         : 3.1
Total File Size : 14.5MB
Filename        :
Included Files  : link_sword_mod_no_blood.pk3, link_sword_mod_w_blood.pk3, Hrulian_shield.pk3, and this readme

This takes several sword models by Antizac and makes them into actual sword, ya know no blade color and no blade light on the ground, ect. I also made some of them into staffs. As if that’s not enough, I added two versions of each, one standard, and one with blood. (THANK YOU SLICE, DICE, AND MINCE! [The creator of Melee Mod]) I also used the Shield off the back of the Link Model. I hope to, someday, make it so you can hang your shield and your sword on your back when you turn it off. I also wish I could make shields fully implemented into the game.


1.5	Fixed the blood. Should show now.

2.0	I added the Deity Sword and made a staff out of it too. Split the blood and no blood swords into two separate .pk3’s 

3.0	I made the Deity Staff & Master Sword Staff into a short (one-handed version) upon request J and also added the Hyrulian Shield. I think that’s how it’s spelledJ. If you don’t like it, fix it yourself.

3.1 	Fixed the shield texture. I accidentally had it pointing to the link Model. That’s all that was wrong LOL. 

- <JS>Vouksh

We, of the Jedi Swordsmen, will SMITE you!!!!!!!!!

This mod is not supported by LucasArts or RavenGames. This mod may NOT be used as a base for other mods without the consent of the original authors.

I had full permission to do this.

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