-=[LJ]=-New Temple

Ok well. I started off in a nice and big courtyard. There was some real impressive architecture like some cool designed beams, some stair de...


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Ok well. I started off in a nice and big courtyard. There was some real impressive architecture like some cool designed beams, some stair decoration and even some cool roundish trees, which unfortunately has repetitive textures round it which spoils the coolness of it. I loved the plant boxes I just thought these were a nice touch, but some of the plants go into the brushes which make it look wierd. But, the texutres are well totally random. Theres four types of marble textures and two types of bright orange tiles which just look plain old ugly. The Stone textures for the walls and such were fine though.

When I ran up a large amount of stairs and entered the door I entered some sort of clustered area with more doors. The architecture here was also very well done and I loved the cool beams next to the stairs. The lights in here are cool, small but cool they kind of looked like lava lamps which I loved. But the texturing again was ugly. Especially the glossy parts, one looked like a green rock texture turned glossy, which was ugly.

So next I choose to go right and was in some kind of meeting room. There are some very large chairs and a very large table, which looked fine. The architecture here is again nice and well done, I liked the cool platforms with the fire on it, but once again the texturing spoils it! Lose the green marble, its just ugh. The only part of the room in here which wasn't glossy was the carpet, it looks like if you touch anything your going to be sent sliding!

Ok so I went back out and this time went left. What a sigh of relief this room was, no more green marble, well maybe not but at least the room was dominated by it. This room is like a sort of trial room and has some cool features about it. Like the nice indents with the statues. So yeah this room has really nice architecture and textures for once!

I went back out and went through the last door, the council room. Architecture is really cool but its a bit to much for such a small room. The chairs were totally original so well done with that, they also looked really cool. But the green marble has made a come back and now covers most of the room, its just so ugly. The floor texture also spoils the room because it is very stretched and looks really wierd.

Once I was done looking round that area, I went back to the courtyard and through another door. Which was another relief, it was a kind of cool Chandrilla -the crystal default map mp/ffa4- looking hallway. It had some cool purple lighting but no sources as far as I could see and although this room was really cool its a totally different theme from the rest of the map. After I reached the end of the corridor, I found myself in a large outdoor area, very hilly. But the area looked really orange, the author has used orange lighting here but the skybox is a bright blue colour so it looks wierd. Out here there are some cool little platforms but they have a purple light inside them with no source, so it looks kind of random. Theres a small lake with a platform on it and a large waterfall but part of the waterfall is bright orange. I don't know maybe its polluted.

Overall a really nicely built map in terms of architecture but the textures totally spoil it, I would recommend the author choose one theme and sticking to it because it seems like the author can't decide on one theme so mixes them all, along with a disgusting overused green marble texture. The lighting also needs some work because alot of the lights have no sources and look wierd, and some even a strange colour. For the outside I know he author wanted to make it look like the sun was reflecting but I recommend they choose a white with a small hint of yellow in it for that skybox, not bright orange. Work on the textures and the lighting and I guarantee you'll have a top map here! Oh and don't forget to add bot routes, whats a map when the bots jump around like bouncy balls!

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA


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Download 'lj_new_temple.zip' (9.63MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: -=[LJ]=-New Temple
AUTHOR: BossTiePilot
E-MAIL: [email protected]
WEBSITE: http://www.clanlj.com 

FILENAME: -=[LJ]=-New Temple.pk3
FILESIZE: 9947 kb
DATE RELEASED: 7 March 2006

CREDITS: Thanks to Lemog textures , for its realistic marbre (nice!) , thanks to jkspamaps team (www.jkspamaps.tk) and Lucasarts :-)

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS:Extract the pk3 from the WinZip file, and put into the base folder, then , enter at Jedi Academy and start playing at this map ! 

DESCRIPTION:Well, a good map with some Light Jedai Council rooms, as the conference room, the meeting room and a big courtyard with threes, statues , marble, stone and a great beautyful architecture.All this temple are construyed with precious and brilliants marble stones reconstructing the old version of this map (LJ Fallen temple) The main courtyard destroyed in ruins, and raining (avaible to download).
You can across the main door and go to the exterior zone, where grass hills,lakes and cascades are representing a great enviorement to duel, or... take a bat :9! , download if you love the Elegant Stone Temples :-) 


Ffa,Tffa, CTF

New Music: Yes

New Shaders : Yes

New Textures : Yes

Botroute : No 

BUGS: No Bugs Knowned , but report a bug in the comments , to repair it for the next ver.
COMMENTS:Well, Light Jedai Powah! :) www.clanlj.com (official website) www.statslj.tk (frags website) www.clanlj.tk (direct link to forums) 


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