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Well, the map has actually been around for a long time on another unmentioned site for quite some time =_o when I loaded up, I was like "Hey...


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Well, the map has actually been around for a long time on another unmentioned site for quite some time =_o when I loaded up, I was like "Hey I recognize this =_=." Suffice to say, not much has changed since I've seen it.

To preface, this map makes heavy use of vehicles. As such, the vehicles included in this pack make them almost a necessity, although there are pads with which to spawn default vehicles.

The primary area in this map is a large space area, composed of sporadic space pads, both a red and blue (obviously denoting its use for CTF,) pad with four vehicle spawns. The vehicles vary depending on which pad you pick. The pad designs, however, remain the same. Both red and blue stations contain a sublevel where presumably the flag is hidden, and where you can access a large number of turrets. This is probably where the first technical error would arguably be. The turrets are all on one low level, where nobody would really fly, in reality. Another oddity, this being a "Starfighter CTF," is that it's pretty much a short, straight shot to and from the bases. Whilst some may argue that's not exactly a bad thing, I'd think it is when you can pretty much zoom straight past the enemy, jump outta the ship, run for the flag, jump into another spawned ship and rush. Granted, I'm sure it'd be much harder to do that, but a few obstacles might make the CTF more entertaining.

Speaking of ship jumping, I also noticed this area didn't have space triggers in it, so that might lead to a little bit of exploitation. However, it's not really necessary.

Beyond the blue space pad is a "taxi station" of sorts, with a floating sign in spanish. The station itself is very irritating, as the same loud beeping noise cycling thorugh constantly. Not very cool @_@; combining that with the ever-irritating cantina music theeme that EVERYONE who has a remote knowledge of Star Wars has known.

From here, we'll go down to this portal region that leads to a "starship." Overall, this area is pretty decently constructed, although the strangest error seems to lurk here. A large chunk of the (constantly beeping) bridge is sort of missing..the textures are invisible or something. Not sure what possible error conjures this result, but alas.

The shuttle outside the taxi station works, although the door is virtually impossible to find at first glance. I actually went through an unclipped window to get in initially, but then I found it after a brief hunt. A brief console walk later, and I found myself warped into Coruscant(not counting the slighltly "hard to stop at" pitstop of the inbetween region.) The Coruscant region was incredibly busy with unnecessary noise, like the other regions. There wasn't much to offer, other than a diplomatic office and a hidden gym/house.

Overall, the map has a few general caveats such as the hairpin use func triggers and unpleasantly looping noises, but for a starfighter CTF/FFA It's definitely a reasonable map to combat on. Submit bandwidth as you will =_o

New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay

- Averus Retruthan

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Download 'orbitalzonelj.zip' (27.37MB)

Readme File:
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: -=[LJ]=-Orbital Zone
AUTHOR: BossTiePilot
E-MAIL: lluisvela@hotmail.com
WEBSITE: www.phpbbserver.com/adminlj	

FILENAME: lj_orbital_zone.pk3
FILESIZE: 28.021 kb
DATE RELEASED: 1 July 2008

CREDITS: Thanks to the creators of the vehicles and textures 

"Sith Terminator from Duality" by Manquesa
"V Wing" by minilogoguy18
"Episode 3 Jedi Starfighter" by Manquesa
"Republic Gunship" by Mars Marshall
"Episode 2 Anakin Starfighter v1.1" by Zymontico
"(jl) mansion texture's" by Shadow Stone from Jedi's Home II*

*Shadow Stone gave me a permision for the using of his textures

All this files are avaible on www.jk3files.com too.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS:Extract the pk3's from the WinZip file ( Vehicles and the map), and put into the base folder, then , enter at Jedi Academy and start playing at this map !

DESCRIPTION:I would to gave to Jedi Knight users one of my created maps, this map was made by me two years ago, but I decided to post it on this page to gave  my best map to the community. Perhaps you remember me because I also uploaded one map (Lj New Temple).

Well , lets see the description of the map, this map is a veeeery huge map , one of the bigger maps I ever played ( be carefull with the fps!! butwell, the PC's now are very powerfull so no problem with frames) .
The structure of the map is the next one:
There are two main platforms (Gigant) one belongs to blue - rebel team and other one belongs to red - imperial team, each platform has got its commandament center, where you can find the flag in CTF mode, and also you can go downstairs at the lowest level of the base where you will find some turrets to defend the base. Returning to the surface, you can find 4 landing platforms in each platform , every landing platforms contains its own starfighter (total 8 different starfighters on both bases) wich allows you to fight in the space as you want.

But this two platforms are not all the map,  on the huge central space area, you will be able to find some other small platforms to take a break.

There's also a "Taxi Station" on the map, a great place to sleep ( yes, you will be able to find there some sofa's to wait for the taxi, a bar , and a sleeping room) ¡Great views of the space!. On this station you are able to got two more spaceshifts ( A B-wing and a Republic Cruiser (taxis)) .

But it doesn't end here! no no.... While you walking by the station, you see a Shuttle, and you can enter in, yes, Iam talking about the one with " Coruscant Travelling" letters  , Can we travel to Coruscant? is it posible? Yes, to travel , enter at the shuttle and go on the commandament just behind the first seat and you will be landed to coruscant ¿Impressive? yes! . 

What your eyes will see now is a complete different enviorenment, we are now in a Landing Platform on Coruscant , its good for dueling, I like it because you can go jumping through the buildings, but if you follow the platform path you will see that you can enter in a building... well let's leave this for your own descovering.

It doesn't end here... you can find a place to Train, yes a Gymn , but ¿Where? well, that would be a secret place if I didnt told you how to arrive, to arrive you must to find the light-closed window on the building just at the left of the accesible building , then , press the window and you will find a gymn and a door at the end of it with a large corridor... wich ends... who knows hehe.

Oh  , buuuuuuuuuuut! it isn't still the end, no no...

If it wasn't enought, on the Taxi's Platform, there's a door at the left of the entrance of the station's building. Its another shuttle, and this one goes to a Super-Imperial Cruiser, yes, you can be able to go inside an imperial cruiser....

I will left you discover the huge cruiser , because is better to see it ingame than reading this ..


Ffa,Tffa, CTF,Roleplaying,(Starfighter-CTF)

New Music: Yes

New Shaders : Yes

New Textures : Yes

Botroute : No

BUGS: One bug is knowned,in the cruiser, the path between the control room and the commandament room, some brushes not showed. All other things are correct 

COMMENTS:Hope you have fun with this big-huge-map and hope too that you don't loose because is easy to loose on it . 


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