Remember Loeb, the mighty knight? Well he's back ladies and gentlemen, and looking better than ever. For those of you just joining our mig...


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Remember Loeb, the mighty knight? Well he's back ladies and gentlemen, and looking better than ever. For those of you just joining our mighty community I shall quote the old versions review (up to where Inyri talks about what's wrong with the skin, that's my job :p)

I'm not sure where the name came from for this skin, but it's certainly a neat skin. It's a reskin of the snowtrooper to make him a knight, and the author seems to have done a pretty good job with it! Enough has been changed so that it's recognizable, but definitely doesn't look like the snowtrooper anymore. The breast plate has been completely changed, and the head has been given some chain mail to protect the neck area. Hopefully it's cortosis chain mail, otherwise...

Where was I? Oh yes. Chain mail. The eyes frankly creep me out, but they certainly add to the effect. Definitely an interesting and unique reskin of the snowtrooper.

What's changed in this version? Well, everything that Inyri mentioned in her review, and the community in the comments, has been fixed. That means we now have new sounds, team support, bot support, the backpack has been removed, and our knights he met no longer looks like a peacock.

But that's not all, the author also updated the textures, Loeb now has a completely new breast plate, which looks much, much better and detailed than the original. Minor changes have also been implemented, fixing those small imperfections and adding more detail to the overall presentation of the skin.

Now, i don't know if the author did this on purpose or not, but the team skins are almost exact copies of the original Loeb, with a color filter on. While I can see why he might have done that, it might also be due to a freak mistake. Who knows! Onto the wrongs of the skin shall we? There was just one thing I found wrong with the skin, now that the backpack is gone, the author forgot to change the back texture, and in the middle of his back there is a black patch. I can't say the effect is quite impressive and in the event of a version 3.0, it should absolutely be fixed.

Overall, a file worthy of many downloads, for it's enormous detail, idea, and everything good about a skin. I guess all we can really expect now is an updated version with the back fixed, NPC support, or better yet, a whole army of knights.

Team Support: Yes, Bot Support: Yes, New Sounds: Yes,

~Metall Pingwin

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Download 'loeb_2_0.zip' (3.8MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Loeb (ver 2.0)
AUTHOR: Lightsource	
E-MAIL: Leodesimone@hotmail.com

FILENAME: Loeb.pk3
FILESIZE: 3.80 mb
DATE RELEASED: 26 April 2005

CREDITS: I would give credits to Inyri for helping me to remove the pack of the original snowtrooper.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Copy the PK3 files into your gamedata/base folder. If it ask you to replace the file say ok ( in case you have already downloaded the first Loeb)

DESCRIPTION: I have removed the pack of the snowtrooper model, and also added some more detail in the helmet and the chest.

COMMENTS: The new sounds i think are realy sweet, and the face doesn't look like a peacock anymore.


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