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Gather 'round everyone, Loeb is back! That's right, you heard me, he's back, and once again Improved in every way mentioned in the previous...


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Gather 'round everyone, Loeb is back! That's right, you heard me, he's back, and once again Improved in every way mentioned in the previous reviews, along with a nice little surprise.

As I pointed out last time, because the author removed his not-so-medieval backpack, it left a dark splotch. Well no more, because now his armor encumbers his back as well. And speaking of armor, a bunch of minor texture modifications (patterns, emblems, etc..) have been implemented as well, which while you might not notice right away add to the overall look of the skin. The arms are now also protected by two separate pieces of armor, and all the textures have been updated to look more realistic.

A new metallic shader is now also included, it's pretty, and subtle. However when I look at it, I feel like what's giving off the shine is a flat piece of polished metal. That is certainly not the case with this knight, while neat, his armor isn't flat. That's just something the author might look at improving.

The cloth on his legs has been changed for far more contrast and dramatic shading, which while might not go in the way of realism, looks pretty cool.

There are new team skins, each one varies from the default with the chest emblem, a red or blue tint (duh) and a team-exclusive skirt, that means the blue, default, and red teams all have a different one. Quite a nice touch Ill say.

Now, i bet by now your shaking with anticipation, after all, I DID mention a surprise. I'm sure you already spoiled it for yourself by looking at the screenshots but what the heck, ill write about it anyways.

Loeb now has a golden set of armor, and as an added bonus for all of you naysayers, his skirt is gone. Again, the same problem we had last time with removing the backpack, but I'm sure it'l be fxed in the next version. While I personally adore the way he looks with the skirt, I've heard someone say they don't want it. Well it's gone. Enjoy.

Team Support: Yes, Custom Sounds: Yes, Bot Support: Yes, NPC Support: Yes,

~Metall Pingwin

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Readme File:
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Loeb (ver 3.0)
AUTHOR: Lightsource
E-MAIL: Leodesimone@hotmail.com

FILENAME: Loeb.pk3
FILESIZE: 4.861 mb
DATE RELEASED: 4 may 2007

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Copy the PK3 files into your gamedata/base folder. If it ask you to replace the file say ok ( in case you have already downloaded the first or second Loeb)

DESCRIPTION: I have added more detail in the armor and clothing,fixed the back with a new metal plate, changed the team colors and also Loeb has a new metal shader to make the armor look real.
Now Loeb has NPC support a and golden version of him without the cape.

COMMENTS: I've fixed the sounds ( in the 2.0 version they were in stero sorry) so now they can be heard more loud. I think it looks preety well now thanks for the comments.


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