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Loeb is back in all his glory. Sadly for the last time... This pack is the final installment of the Loeb series, but it's quite a download....


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Loeb is back in all his glory. Sadly for the last time... This pack is the final installment of the Loeb series, but it's quite a download.

This pack includes everything the old one did, plus some new extras. Again, we see normal Loeb, his blue and red variants as well as golden Loeb. The two new extras are a battle worn version of Loeb, and his arch nemesis. Along with the skins you get two weapons, previously included in Lightsource's Fantasy Swords Pack as well as a brand new one. Those are wielded by the bots and NP Cs. And, as a mini-mini bonus, one of the screenshots is a 1024x768 wallpaper made by the author, to get you completely in the Loeb mood.

So what has changed you ask? Mostly minor visual updates, again, not really noticeable but adding to the overall quality. The team skins have also been redone, mainly in the torso area. Most changes have been implemented to golden Loeb, he has a new helmet, which makes him look very liony, it goes pretty well with his emblem, embedded on his skirt and torso.

The two new main additions to this pack are a new, battle worn, version of Loeb, as well as his nemesis. Both equally stunning (however by personal preference I prefer evil Loeb).

The battle worn version is absolutely excellent. Here we see much more then the usual scorch marks we see so often nowadays. Here Loeb looks like he's really been through hell. His armor is cracked in multiple spots, with a large hole through his chest. Loeb's pants have multiple cuts through them, as well as two large holes in his sleeves. His skirt has also been severely shredded, along with some major damage to his boots. The only issue I have with this version is the same I have with practically every battle worn version of a skin, it's too symmetrical. While this doesn't apply to Loeb's torso, his pants and back are clearly mirrored images of each other, but I realize that may be difficult to fix.

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for... Dark Loeb. The author managed to pull off one hell of a job keeping the general Loeb look intact, yet managing to make him look completely different, I'm sure this will make sense when you take a look at the screenshot. I remember that when Inyri reviewed the very first version of Loeb, she mentioned his creepy looking eyes, well, forget those. Dark Loeb's eyes and helmet create a composition to strike fear in even the bravest of souls, I swear, those things are creepy. His chest is made to look like a face, with evil red eyes, and a large gaping mouth, just waiting to eat you up, his legs also have a set of leather straps tied around them.

All in all, let me say that my words aren't enough to fully encompass this skin's greatness, especially when keeping in mind that this used to be but a measly snow trooper. Take a look at the screen shots, and give this a download, for it is worthy of anyones base folder, possibly even the Averus Retruthan Stamp of Approval?

Bot Support: Yes, NPC Support: Yes, New Weapons: Yes, New Sounds: Yes, Team Support: Yes,

~Metall Pingwin

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Download 'loebpack.zip' (11.45MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Loeb pack
AUTHOR: Lightsource
E-MAIL: leodesimone@hotmail.com

FILENAME: Loeb.pk3
FILESIZE: 13.7 mb
DATE RELEASED: 29 may 2007

CREDITS: Thanks to all for the good ideas to make this pack.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Put the pk3 file in you gamedata\base folder, It should replace the previous file (if you have downloaded it before). Also if you have downloaded my fantasy swords pack delete these two files "Lsword.pk3" and "Ldouble.pk3" ( this pack includes them already)

DESCRIPTION: Well this time the mighty Loeb has a nemesis, himself... a dark version of Loeb, with new sounds and new sword "Stench", also  there's a new battle damaged version and I've also changed some details of the previous versions of him, now the gold Loeb has a different mask, skirt and the bot uses my staff. The last things are new details in the default Loeb and team colors. All with Npc, bot support and swords included. I've made a 1024 wallpaper as an extra.

BUGS: no way!! (I hope).

COMMENTS: This is going to be the last version, so enjoy it!!!.


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