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Dannifilth brings us the Clan Map for Jedi Academy. Now, upon loading this up, I was presented with quite the startup screen. It loo...


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Dannifilth brings us the [LOF] Clan Map for Jedi Academy. Now, upon loading this up, I was presented with quite the startup screen. It looks REALLY awesome. The music (taken from FF7 - "Ahead on Our Way", I believe) is a beautifully orchestrated song and fits the map well.

Well, the awesomeness almost ends there. The map is well-structured, but lacks architectural quality. There are a couple of raised platforms where you can duel, but the over-use of glass really takes away from the theme of the map. The main problem here is the lack of lighting (complete no-light here). The map's edges run into the map, so you end up hitting an invisible wall at some places where a wall would have done better.

The overall look of the map is rather nice, ranging from teleporters to a hidden area, to a wide open area for massive FFAs. The use of texturing and brushes shows well in most of the parts of the map. Again, too much glass (and it's hard to see it, because there's no lighting at all in the level). Then we come to the clan offices for the members - very nice idea (especially the area that leads to a Marko Ragnos statue with flames in front of it) but again...they are simply empty offices with nothing of interest at all in them. It's almost as if the LOF members themselves JUST finished building the place and hadn't moved in yet.

Onto the effects. TOO many fx_runners. With a nolight map you get little to no FPS issues due to the fact that the engine doesn't have to render lights. Well, you get many a FPS issue here due to the overuse of effects. The flames are really nice, and add a good touch to the map, there are just too many for it to give any useful effect and the lack of lighting doesn't add to the ambience flames need to create.

The map feels very blocky, very rushed, but overall it isn't too bad. I could see this being a rather successful map if it was compiled with light and touched up in some spots. Adding a few things into the clan offices (such as the leader's room. A practical shrine to Marilyn Manson but NOTHING but a couple of pictures and a big open waste of space) and making the map feel more full would be a great idea.

Lack of bot support and decent architecture also add to the list of negatives on this map. It is a good effort (a great effort if it's your first) but please try to map intelligently next time. Maps are all about functionality, and less about eye-candy. Once you get the hang of doing this, you can add eye-candy while you map and still not have to worry about serious playability issues.

- Chrono

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Download 'lofacademy.zip' (7.15MB)

Jedi Knight III: Jedi Academy

Title: [LOF] Academy
Author: [LOF]- Dannifilth
E-Mail: [email protected]

File Name: lofacademy.pk3
File Size: 6.73 MB (7,064,388 bytes)
Date Released:09/30/03

Credits: My Thanks Goto [LOF]- Makaveli for testing my map with me 
         & special thanks to [HS]- Lizard for the help with problems 
         and not forgeting the rest of [LOF] thanks all!

Installation Instructions: place lofacademy.pk3 in your Gamedata/Base folder.

Description: The [LOF] Academy made for the pursposes of training the new [LOF] Students
             and the home of the [LOF] clan

Comments: This map was made for Jedi Knight Outcast but has been modified to work with Academy.


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