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Gamall has way too much free time. You know, Gamall, Relic Entertainment currently have quite a few vacancies for programmers, if you're int...


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Gamall has way too much free time. You know, Gamall, Relic Entertainment currently have quite a few vacancies for programmers, if you're interested in a coding career.

Oh, sorry, the file. Yeah. I'll get right on that.

It's hard to give a substantial review to what amounts to a search tool for server logs, because it's a straight forward file, designed to be used intuitively by the masses (presumably). However, searching through server logs can be a tedious task, which is why you need something to filter them, straightforward or not. And that's what you have here. The ability to filter through logs and only retain relevant information based on strings entered. I'm not sure how much more I can really say without going into techno-babble, and I very nearly got fired the last time I did that. Check the included docu.txt file for further details.

Just two slight niggles, really. First, it's command-line based, and not all of the server admins for JA - in fact, I'd be willing to bet hardly any of them - have experience with UNIX-based operating systems and CLIs. Hey, welcome to the age of graphical user interfaces, where people consider such things obsolete despite the fact command line tools are extremely valuable for a lot of things. :(

Second niggle, is the documentation. It assumes former knowledge, and in this case, for a tool useful to the masses at large, I'd have expected the app to be better documented for those not in-the-know. After all, no one will ever know if no one ever teaches.

Source code is included under the GNU General Public License, as always, but unless you're a programmer it won't help much. Nice to know the option is there, though.

Other than that, though, another good utility that's practical and useful for server admins. Emphasis on server, though, because this does require you to be running a dedicated server process with SSH access to the system, so "glorified LAN games" (home-hosted servers) are left in the dark, as they are for just about anything else server-based short of JA+; there's a reason many recommend against those, after all. But, that's enough soapboxing.

Another good service rendered to the server managers of the world, from Gamall's rather over-worked brain. I'd bet hosting companies themselves would find good uses for this, too.


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**                         Logs Filter                         **

  #                    TITLE : Logs Filter                    #  
  #                   TYPE : Server Utility                   #  
  #                       VERSION : 0.1                       #  
  #               AUTHOR : Gamall Wednesday Ida               #  
  #               E-MAIL : [email protected]               #  
  #              WEBSITE : http://gamall-ida.com              #  
  #                                                           #  
  #                    FILESIZE : ~700 Ko                     #  
  #                 OS : Linux, Mac, Windows                  #  
  #                 RELEASE DATE : March 2008                 #  

+   DESCRIPTION                                                  
+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-o          +

This is a filter, in the Unix meaning of the word. Or rather, a 
collection  of  filters,  which can easily be expanded. To that 
purpose, the Source Code is shipped, under the GNU GPL.  It  is 
fully   documented;   see   index.html  in  the  ./doc  folder. 

Filters operate here on a line-by-line basis, and are  seen  as 
the   combination  of  a  predicate  (string  ->  bool)  and  a 
transformation (string -> string), the first determining  which 
lines   to   keep   and   the   second  altering  those  lines. 

A criterion called 'opacity' has been  added  which  determines 
whether  rejected  lines, all lines or none are sent to STDERR, 
the idea being to chain an indefinite number  of  such  filters 
without  losing  the  original  data,  by  recapturing  STDERR. 

Possible uses include offering different views of a JK2 or  JK3 
gameserver  in  real  time through a Standard Input Server (see 
documentation of SIS) or  breaking  down  existing  log  files. 

Some  predicates  and  transforms geared towards JK gameservers 
have been implanted. See docu.txt, or use the --help and --docu 
command-line options.                                           

+   THE PACKAGE                                                  
+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-o          +

   -   The Source Code                                           
   -~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o          -

The source code for Logs  Filter  is  released  under  the  GNU 
General Public License.                                         

This program is written in Objective Caml.                      

   -   The Binaries                                              
   -~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o          -

Logs  filter  is  shipped with statically compiled binaries for 
GNU/Linux, which may or may not work on  your  own  system.  If 
they  don't  you  will just have to compile it from source. You 
will need an OCaml compiler. In most cases, you will just  need 
to run the build script in the /src directory.                  

The  Windows binaries should work on any Windows system from 95 

+   CONTACT                                                      
+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-o          +

If you need  help,  or  have  suggestions,  comments,  insults, 
praise  or  in  general, anything to say about this program you 
expect me to read and answer to, please post on  the  program's 
topic on my website:                                            


+   END OF FILE                                                  
+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-o          +

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