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The first thing we need to determine with this mod is whether or not the saber blade is closer to the right length. I'd take a gander that t...


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The first thing we need to determine with this mod is whether or not the saber blade is closer to the right length. I'd take a gander that this blade is roughly 4-5 feet long - I believe that saber length in the sab file is measured in inches, and this blade is measured at 55 - that's just over four and a half feet, if inches is indeed the measurement unit. To the best of my knowledge a normal saber is about 3 feet in length. That makes the original blade a little bit more accurate. All three katas for single saber have been changed to the staff kata (yes, all three are now the same - a bit boring, if you ask me). Several other animations were changed as well in the name of "fairness" with this new saber length. The only problem with this is that the "long saber" is merely one saber among all your normal ones, which have normal lengths. So all these changes were made for one saber. However if you prefer an extendosaber - perhaps you're one of those who believes in the variable sized saber such as Gantoris's - give it a download.


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Download 'person99slongersaber.zip' (2KB)

Longer saber


Author: Person99

Secondary author: My cat put in the saberlength

File description: This is a saber that is a bit longer
then the others. 

As you have noticed, the base jk3 sabers are a bit short, and this one is
the movie length.

But this isn't just an extra long saber, this changes 4 moves:

1. DFB change: When you do the DFB (Death From Below) with the single fast style, it changes to kyle's stab (Lunges forward with saber and swings back to normal stance while standing, not crouching).

2. Two kata change: Instead of the plain katas for single fast and dual sabers, it uses the staff kata instead.

4. Dual sabers crazyslash: This has been also replaced with kyles lunge.

Why have these moves been changed? To keep extreme advantages. The crazy slash would be insane with dual sabers, making an unfair advantage for the others.
The DFB would also be unfair against others.
And the kata change is just a kata change, adding both ups and downs.


Known bugs:

There is only one, wich is.

You have to have pure server OFF to get it to work.

Installation: Just place the pk3 in your base folder.

Console command to get: It is long_saber.


(Note: Please do not change this file without asking, to ask email me)

[email protected] (Wierd name, just I use it and have been forever =-p)

Sorry about the fact that there is no screenshots =-(


Harry (My cat)

Everybody who helped me learn how to use the files and things.

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