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He who shall not be named is making a second appearance by darkahn here on JKFiles. Unlike for the first version, I am not overly well acqua...


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He who shall not be named is making a second appearance by darkahn here on JKFiles. Unlike for the first version, I am not overly well acquainted with our dear Lord Voldemort, and the Harry Potter series in general. You see my sister is an obsessive fan, and so in the process I have come to have intimate knowledge of the subject. Her final judgement is this: "He looks too happy. Voldemort is not supposed to be happy.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, released in November of 2005, gave us our first real look at Lord Voldemort in the flesh, fully restored, and just as evil as ever. Now from what I understand this skin is not supposed to be that Voldemort, but rather a younger representation, presumably from before the murder of Harry's parents. As such, I would still tend to agree with my sister. He looks too happy. Smiling, even, which doesn't seem in character for such a villain. The robes also just seem to be a bit too bulky, although with the models to choose from this was probably the best option.

My biggest disappointment was the lack of sounds. Perhaps getting sounds of Voldemort would be hard, but with an entire scene in The Goblet of Fire featuring him, I'm sure it wouldn't have been impossible. It would have also greatly added to the mood of the character, as I think Ralph Fiennes did quite a good job in his representation. In any case, this should be the last version of Voldemort from darkahn, who claims to be retiring from the JA modding community. Only time will tell that though.

Team Support: Yes Bot Support: No NPC Support: No New Sounds: No


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Download 'voldemort_dk_v2.zip' (1.08MB)

Lord Voldemort v2 -- Harry Potter Series Skin


Skinners : Andrew Pemberton - Darkahn
Clan : The Galactic Empire
Email/MSN : darkahnkiralv@hotmail.com
AIM : IxI Darkahn IxI
Clan Site : http://imperialmovement.com
Personal Website: http://www.myspace.com/darkahn
Original model:  MaulVM by Mars.

Version : 2.0F for JKA
New Textures : Yes
New Shaders : No
New Scripts: No
New Sounds: Yes (Silent)
New Models: No

Comments : This is probably my last skin for Jedi Academy; I've moved on. I haven't done any work on this in years, but rather than
simply leave it hanging and have a mostly unplayable version floating around, I decided to release this one. The face has been changed
to look less "young" and more "sinister", rather than the mostly emotionless version prior. The robes remain unchanged from the original
MaulVM skin. The model icons have been improved. The team skins now function properly. A twisted smirk has been created on the face.
Certain aging has been added by means of darkening the area around the eyes and lining of the face. If anyone feels that they can improve 
on this, in any way shape or form, by all means do so -- however, I would like to receive an e-mail or IM stating your intentions. You don't need 
my permission -- just give credit where its due, and maybe let me take a look at your version. DO NOT ask me to make custom skins of any sort, 
or anything of the like. I'm retired.

I had wanted to make a Voldemort skin off of the character from Harry Potter for years, but never found the proper model.
The face was far too different on models like Palpatine, and robed Jedi models like those by Aaron Smith looked too much like Star Wars
to be properly converted to a Voldemort skin. Then Marz released Darth Maul VM; it fits, in my artistic image of Voldemort, perfectly. 
This is Lord Voldemort, whose very name brings terror to all in the Harry Potter series. This is how a common -- albeit younger --
 interpretation of the character appears.

Credits :
Original model was MaulVM by Mars.

Thanks to :
George Lucas
J.K. Rowling
Mars for the awesome model

Installation : Put the voldemort_dk.pk3 in your GameData\base directory. 'Nuff said.


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