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Lost Temple

Behold, a temple that was originally lost, but now it's apparently found, seeing as it made its way here =_=. To preface, this map can b...


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Behold, a temple that was originally lost, but now it's apparently found, seeing as it made its way here =_=.

To preface, this map can be summed up in one word basically: Majestic. This temple has been well-crafted, both technically and creatively for the most part.

Rather than going through every area, I'm just going to hit the technical aspects. Architecturally speaking, it's magnificent. The courtyard reminds me faintly of a roman villa. Tastefully accented with vaulted roof, arches, fountains and a missing texture. Ouch, indeed =_o the roof texture seems to be apparently missing, as it's in fact a JK2 yavin texture, I believe. Unfortunately, what else is there to say? It needs replacin. Some other noteworthy texture bugs:

- Stools in the delightful waterfall pit seem to lack texture

- Statues in the waterwheel pit lacked texture.

I also noticed that there were tufts of grass in the stone bunkers in the stone pyramid area. Otherwise, nothing I can note at this moment.

The entirety of the place was also tastefully textured, using a nice range of base textures, but also branching out to use a couple custom ones.

The map objects that dot the map make it even more interesting. One particular area is the large concave courtyard with the strange fountains and miscellany. Very exotic feel to it.

The most interesting part for me personally, however, are the two secrets. To this point, I do not know how to activate them. They're not what you call gimmes =_=. The areas are concealed individually by a stone seal or a stone folding stairset, which, might I add, was excellently done, up to the switch that activates it from the inside =_,=

Overall, a definitely good map to check out. My appraisal denoted that it also could possibly have a light RP potential, if used imaginatively. I would advise, no, I COMMAND you to engage in bandwidth submission. Failure to submit will result in being caned by 20 senior citizen barbarians. Fear =_=

New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Aye

- Averus Retruthan

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Title : Lost Temple
Author : Shaka
E-Mail : misterbouko@hotmail.com
File Name : lost_temple.pk3 

Description : A lost temple, somewhere in the desert... What else? ^^ I've tried to make a temple as realistic as I could. It's almost base on the theme of water, which give a lot of serenity to the place (well it's only my opinion). Not a lot of secrets there, hope you will have fun on it.

Bot Support: No
New Textures: Yes
New Music: Yes
Game Type: FFA

How to install? --> Just put the pk3 in GameDatabase in your game directory


You may use my textures for your map, it doesn't matter, but please dont try to use parts of my map for your own map without my authorization =)


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