These skins are very unique. :P Just look at em and see. It's like a digital effect crossed with neon kinda effect. If you have even seen T...


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These skins are very unique. :P Just look at em and see. It's like a digital effect crossed with neon kinda effect. If you have even seen Tron (the film) this guy looks an awful lot like one of the people from inside the computer world :) There are two skins. One is a reborn reskin :r and I'm not sure what the other one is, but it's taller. So, what makes these skins good? Well, the first thing is the reborn reskins hood. Is it made of wven gold threads? It looks very goood, and is packed with detail. The clothes and face and shoes all steam of quality - Everything just looks so well designed. :D

The second skin is much of the same style, although it is by no means a simple recolour of the first skin. It has a different colour scheme, yes, but it also has different patterns and designs. All I can think of that would make these better is perhaps some really cool shader effects to light up the neon bits. These skins also come with custom sounds, although they aren't really that brilliant :( That's about it - I am definitely keeping these skins. 9/10 :) These lose marks because they dont have Bot, nor Team Support. Pity really. :(

New Sounds: Yes Team Support: No Bot Support: No

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file name: Lotar 1.1
Author: Dc|-EcNo
Realease Some time now
Email: EcNo88@juno.com

HERE IS THE AWSOME GODLY LOTAR !!!!!!..... I Love this skin.. i made this a while back. i have alot of skins 
i never released lets hope i can get them ready to go. like i said before i did this a
while back and funny part is that i updated this a long while back lol. im alot better
at skinning then this i just like these :). anything else? well team colors are put on 
hold for now bc i dunno what i want to do and bot support.. im to lazy :). But yeah sure
by all means edit this if u think u can do better just be like ecno made this and im makeing
it better :) no harm done. enjoy

put the pk3 into ur base folder
This is a jk3 skin but hey it works in jk2 and jk3 so its all good have fun enjoy.
I think the sounds work in jk2  but not jk3 if any one wants to fix this.. go ahead college has me by the nuts with 
all the work and stuff.... other then that HAve fun
And all that jk2 leagal ish ----------------------

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