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Graves' Dante model is one of those models you can always rely on to be reskinned in any - and every - way possible. Almost anything you cou...


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Graves' Dante model is one of those models you can always rely on to be reskinned in any - and every - way possible. Almost anything you could do to that model has already been done, so what does that leave? This author didn't do anything particularly exciting. The main skins have been darkened to such an extent that you almost can't see any detail in the cloth anymore. The hair has been colroed a rather bright shade of blue, and the rest of his outfit sports a blue and black camouflage pattern. The oddest bit is the covering over his mouth, seemingly just hanging there by some unknown magic. Unless it's suctioned to his face, I don't see how it doesn't fall off! I'm thinking of the character here, of course.

I just don't see the appeal here. Camouflage: overdone. Increased contrast: overdone. Colored hair: overdone. The only thing here that doesn't scream "I've been done before a million times!" is the white "ice" skin. I'm assuming that's what it's supposed to be from the read-me, anyway. It's an interesting idea, but not executed very well. The chest portion of the torso, as well as the cuffs, seem to be be done with a stock texture, perhaps even the texturizer. Unfortunately it looks blurry, and the texture is far too big. Perhaps a more detailed explanation of the character in the read-me would have helped. I do wonder, however, why it is so many "custom" characters look exactly like Dante. Curious... Perhaps a more versatile model would be in order?

Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: No NPC Support: No


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 Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Title: Lt. Jack
Author: Shinsetsu Mann (aka TheMann or Mann)

Filesize: Approx. 1.6Mb

Installation Instructions:
Open with WinZip and extract the pk3 to your Base folder.

These skins are based on the main character of a story I'm currently writing.
Originally they were just used to get an idea of how he would look, but I thought
"Hey, why not release it and see what people think?". So I quickly put together some
team skins and bot support.

Skins available:

Lt. Jack: A war veteran sent to Phobos, one of the moons of planet Mars due to an attack
on a superior officer. Along with his squad, he discovers a massive tower made of bones
and blood. Inside they find that it is inhabited by various creatures that they've never
seen before. As they shoot their way through many different chambers and corridors, they
discover a man fighting many creatures like they've faced themselves. Only he seems to
have greater skills than any they'd seen before. He weilds a katana-like sword, only his
is too long to be a regular katana. It seems to shoot strong waves of water every time
he swung it. He later reveals himself to be an inhabitant of the tower known as The Phobos
Domain, and leader of the Blood Squad, a special unit of The Phobos Domain. His teammates
have suddenly disappeared without a trace and the whole tower has gone nuts. Two of Jack's
squadmates decide that they've had enough and run back to where they came from. Jack and
his remaining squadmate are offered training in the art of elemental warfare by the Phobosian.
After seeing how he battled with his sword, they accepted. And so they begin the quest to
learn what is happening around Phobos, and the rest of the solar system.

Lt. Jack w/ sword: Lt. Jack accompanied by his sword Eternal Cold, which was forged using
devine Ice from the planet Neptune.

Eternal Cold: Lt. Jack has learned the art of becoming one with his sword. They merge
and Jack becomes an Ice creature with the power of his sword infused in a crystal sitting
in his solar plexus.

Team skins
Sounds (Dante taunt)
Bot support

graves and Freeman for the original Dante model (hope it's okay I use it =/)


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