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AHEM =_= behold, for the Baggiepanted man hath initiated version 2 of Lugor City.

Simply put, as there are few additions, I shall equip t...


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AHEM =_= behold, for the Baggiepanted man hath initiated version 2 of Lugor City.

Simply put, as there are few additions, I shall equip the previous review =_=.

Behold, for now there is what I would call: "An RP map for Lugormod enthusiasts"

This map was intended for lugormod, a mod with which I'm sure at least an okay portion of the community is familiar with. For those who aren't, Lugormod is somewhat of a sandbox mod, among other things, and it allows you to spawn in map objects to create an environment of your choosing. Sir Baggiepants has created an environment in which to enjoy this =_=.

As stated in the readme, there are 30 houses in the area, most of which are pretty dull on the outside. I noticed almost immediately that most of the doors do not open. I am not sure if there is a way to override that in Lugormod somehow, but I can certainly tell you it won't work in most other mods without noclipping or teleporting. The only door I was able to get open was the cantina, which was predecorated for the most part. Everything else? Nope.

However, if this is taken care of in Lugormod, then by all means, I can assure you that this would be an interesting place to make your own decorated house and maybe do a simple little RP even. Personally, I just wished the houses were a little more creative. Otherwise, not a bad map =_=


The additions are few and small. Lighting was supposedly tweaked a bit, the cantina door now opens automatically, and now there's a race track on the outer rim of the map. Honestly, while I would suggest killing some of that broad grassy space, I think that'd be perfect for building something interesting, so I digress.

Fork over your bandwidth or I shall hurl Armadillos at you =_=

New Textures: Nay New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay

- Averus Retruthan

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Download '' (1.48MB)

Baggie's maps
 Lugormod housing district

Made by - Sir Baggiepants

Email - [email protected]

Finished: July 12 2007

How to Install
Put the lugorcity2.pk3 file in your Gamedata\Base folder.

I always loved how you could have your own house in lugormod. But it always annoyed me that on the popular servers the houses were always taken or were really tiny. On this map I have 30 houses. You were meant to locate each by your houses texture and the number on the house. Also on this map is a cantina. (Some thing I put in that will only work in lugormod: I provide some drink spawners within the bartenders desk. To load it do /loadit cantina.) This map, as far as I know, will work on any mod. But the doors are locked and need a button which can only be placed in lugormod to open them.(Except the door into the cantina.) This is the first map I've ever published so it's not really good. Also the lighting is pretty much crud. If some people actually cared then I might make a better second version of it... But I don't know. The map is pretty bland, mainly so that you can add any plants someone wants in their yard and the furniture they want in their house. If you want to place a console to open the door of a house do /trace on the door to find the targetname of the door. If you have any comments/concerns/tips/constructive criticism, just email me.
Thanks for Reading
-Sir Baggiepants.  
V2 notes:
I made a second version because I figured out how to fix the lighting so now it looks good. Also I changed some textures and made the door to the cantina open automatically. Lastly I added a race track. Hope you enjoy it.

Known bugs
I do not know of any bugs on the map. If you find some please email me and tell me about them. (Supply a screenshot of the bug too if needed.)


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