I'm sure alot of you have played on a Lugormod server, I have and it can be a blast. Lugor has updated his mod again and he has also said a...


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I'm sure alot of you have played on a Lugormod server, I have and it can be a blast. Lugor has updated his mod again and he has also said a documentation will come in version one so rejoice! But you're new to Lugormod and you're not sure exactly what it does? I believe I've explained it all before in a previous review, It's good and all but it's 'work things out for yourself' kinda thing, you can basically do anything with the mod, ranging from FFA to Role Playing. Things like 'King' and admins being able to spawn things etc. Bot's are more intelligent, ask YOU to duel and saying.. strange things. You have to try it before you judge it, but I recommend if you're going to play it, to play it on a Lugormod server first to see how it works etc. Without a explanation I probably didn’t find half the stuff it can do.

So what’s new in this version?

* fixed so that admins don't have admin cloak in team games. * added a new game type that I call Battle Ground (for now) * severing duels can be disabled with a g_privateDuel flag. * added the chicken rule (for not accepting duels). It can be disabled with a g_privateDuel flag. * you can now score (persistant) points from bots (if you have less than 10) * added level based force powers and force regen time * added a check to disable invisible model parts (siege_model) * enabled holocron ffa game type * fixed a bug with the jet-packs in siege * fixed a bug that triggered an assertion (saber locks) * added a cvar for shield generators * fixed some minor bugs. * fixed some really annoying memory leaks. * fixed a problem with the spawner command. * turrets that target armed no longer target players with the tele gun.

I wasn't too excited, although I am anticipating version one ;).


Oh and the Windows, Mac and Linux versions are all in this .zip file this time. :)

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Download '' (3.18MB)

There is no documentation for this mod yet, you have to figure

pretty much everything out for yourself. There will be a manual for

version 1.0 of the mod. You should be able to find some help in the

forums at

In game type '/help' to list all mod specific commands. To get help

on a command type '/help [command]'.

Aim of the mod


None really, I've just implemented stuff that I've found interesting.

This is some of the stuff this mod does:

* The bots should be more of a challenge in duels than the original


* The bots can answer if you talk to them.

* If you set bot_honorableduelacceptance, the bots will not only accept

  duels, but also challenge other players to duels. They will also

  behave better (they won't "lame" unless provoked).

* I've made the game more compatible with single player maps.

* As administrator you can place new spawn points for weapons, items,

  npc's and more on the map, and have your changes load with the map.

* Alt fire on the stun baton is a grappling hook.

* The bryar pistol is a teleporter gun.

* You can play the jedi master and capture the Ysalamiri game types.

* Players can register their nick name so that noone else can use it.



Unzip this file in the GameData folder

(usually C:\Program Files\Lucas Arts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData).

Edit the server.cfg file in the Lugormod folder to your liking (using notepad, or

what ever text editor you might prefer).

Double click the 'start dedicated.bat' file located in the GameData

folder to start a dedicated internet server.



The Fnord Program, Copyright 1997-1999 by Steve Jackson Games

(, was originally written for the

Illuminati BBS by Steve Jackson and Creede Lambard. It was later

reimplemented ic C by Loyd Blackenship, converted to perl by

Jackie Hamilton, converted back to C by Tim Schiedel.

The Fnord Program is used in the Lugormod with permission from

Steve Jackson. 

Thank you.

License agreement


This license agreement is a legal agreement between you (either

an individual or a single entity) and and the author of this

software package.

By installing or otherwise using this software you agree to be

bound by this agreement.

If you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, 

you may not install or use this software.

You may install and use an unlimited number of 

copies of this software on your computers.

You may copy and redistribute this software freely.

The author will not make available Technical Support for this

Software. The author may, from time to time, revise or update

the Software. In so doing, the author incurs no obligation to

furnish such revision or updates to you.

This software is distrubuted "as is".  No warranty of any kind 

is expressed or implied. You use this software Aat your own risk.

The author will not be liable for data loss, damages, loss of

profits or any other kind of loss while using or misusing this





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