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At Gamall's suggestion, I'm going to keep this one extremely simple, by limiting it to what I understand in human form rather than using the...


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At Gamall's suggestion, I'm going to keep this one extremely simple, by limiting it to what I understand in human form rather than using the transcendant knowledge offered to be my the Fire Gods as a thank you after I went pyromaniac and completely razed Vvardenfell. Yeah, the Daedra found that pretty funny, too. (Say, did anyone else notice, how The Elder Scrolls actually has very little to do with scrolls of any age, plot-wise?)


So, you know how server configs use these numbers to calculate which force powers, weapons, etc are enabled or disabled? Yeah.

Well. Let's touch on what this does. Basically, it lets you use text, which will be automatically translated by this add-on into numbers the dedicated server can understand, making it simpler for you without making it harder for the server. You see, it works by- waaaiiiiiiiiiit a minute....

If you want to know more, download the file, grab a coffee (or six ;) ) and start reading the full readme file - I truncated the on-site version to save space and prevent people from getting carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of repeatedly whacking PageDown and/or rapidly scrolling their mouse wheel. :p

It's basically a bitvalue calculator, without the bitvalues. So it's more like a bitvalue translator. Ah hah! That's a nice simple way of saying it. "Bitvalue translator". Yeah!

~ Kouen

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**                           m.E.M.E                           **
**                              -                              **
**      Minimalist Evaluator for Mathematical Expressions      **

  #                      TITLE : m.E.M.E                      #  
  #     Minimalist Evaluator for Mathematical Expressions     #  
  #                      TYPE : Utility                       #  
  #                       VERSION : 0.1                       #  
  #               AUTHOR : Gamall Wednesday Ida               #  
  #              WEBSITE : http://gamall-ida.com              #  
  #                                                           #  
  #                    FILESIZE : ~800 Ko                     #  
  #                 OS : Linux, Mac, Windows                  #  
  #                 RELEASE DATE : March 2008                 #  

+   TABLE OF CONTENTS                                            
+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-o          +

        1. BRIEF DESCRIPTION                                            
        2. WHAT IS AN EXPRESSION?       
           -Literals and simple expressions
           -Bound expressions
           -Logic and conditional expressions                     
        3. THE STANDALONE PROGRAM                                       
           -The run modes                                                  
           -Application of 'replace' mode to 
            Quake configuration files. 
        4. THE PACKAGE
        5. CONTACT

+   BRIEF DESCRIPTION                                            
+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-o          +

m.E.M.E  (pronounce m-ee-m-ee) stands for "Minimalist Evaluator 
for Mathematical Expressions". And that is exactly what it  is. 

'Evaluator for Mathematical Expressions' because its purpose is 
to  compute mathematical expressions. For instance "2+2" yields 
4. Less trivially, "let x = pi/2 in 1+ sqrt cos  (x/2)"  yields 
1.84089641525.  It  is  meant to be used as a library for other 
programs, but the  standalone  executable  can  be  used  as  a 
command-line  calculator  and  a preprocessor for configuration 

'Minimalist' because there are points which make it simpler and 
faster (it is *very* fast) but limit its range:                 

-> It uses floating-point  arithmetic  (64bits,  as  per  OCaml 
`float'  type)  instead  of  exact  arithmetic, hence a loss of 
precision on some expressions:                                  

       4.63246686343E-08 + 1 
       + exp(2+sin(log(cos(
       > 1.00000009265
       - 4.63246686343E-08 + 1
       > 1

-> It supports variables but not functions. So  while  you  can 

       let x = pi/2 in 1+ sqrt cos (x/2)

... you can't write anything like                               

       let f(x) = 1+ sqrt cos (x/2) in f(pi/2)

-> It does not support any kind of loops. So for instance there 
is  no  sum  (big  Sigma  symbol  in  math)  or product (big Pi 
symbol), because that kind of functionality couldn't  be  added 
elegantly to the program. This is a consequence of the previous 

->  It  is  not,  of course, a system for symbolic computation. 

+   THE PACKAGE                                                  
+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-o          +

   -   The Source Code                                           
   -~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o          -

The source code for m.E.M.E is released under the  GNU  General 
Public License.                                                 

This  program  is written in Objective Caml, using ocamllex and 
ocamlyacc to build the lexer and the parser.                    

   -   The Binaries                                              
   -~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o          -

m.E.M.E  is  shipped  with  statically  compiled  binaries  for 
GNU/Linux,  which  may  or  may not work on your own system. If 
they don't you will just have to compile it  from  source.  You 
will  need an OCaml compiler. In most cases, you will just need 
to run the build script in the /src directory.                  

The Windows binary should work on any Windows  system  from  95 

+   CONTACT                                                      
+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-o          +

If  you  need  help,  or  have  suggestions, comments, insults, 
praise or in general, anything to say about  this  program  you 
expect  me  to read and answer to, please post on the program's 
topic on my website:                                            


Do NOT, *EVER*, contact me by mail unless  I  specifically  ask 
you  to  do  so, or if my forum is unavailable for a long time. 

+   END OF FILE                                                  
+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-o          +

  | File generated with 'GaTeX',|
  | an ASCII typesetting system |
  | by  Gamall  Wednesday  Ida. |
  |   http://gamall-ida.com     |
  Build: Tue Apr 15 15:53:03 2008
  File : F:readme-mEME.GaTeX.source

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