Mace's Ship Prefab Pack

These prefabs were initially begun for a project that, unfortunately, seems like it will never be completed. That was Mace's opinion, and a...


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File Description

These prefabs were initially begun for a project that, unfortunately, seems like it will never be completed. That was Mace's opinion, and as a result he is releasing these prefabs as-is to the community. A few of these were never finished, so some completion will need to be done to get them in full working order. But hey, sometimes with complex things such as are presented here, all you need is somewhere to start and get an idea of how to go about building it.

This pack includes seven ships, including a rebel transport and a partially completed nebulon-B frigate (see screenshots for the included ships and their level of completion). They seem particularly well done, albeit unfinished for the most part, but even in this state of completion they should be a great benefit to mappers undertaking some space-themed maps. One less thing to do, right?

Just remember, these are map prefabs and not functional maps! They should only be used in the building of new levels. Naturally you are free to use these in your own maps, almost no strings attached. Just check the read-me for crediting regulations. Enjoy!


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Mace's Ship Prefab Pack
Author Information
Lead Mapper: MaceCrusherMadunusus
Email Address: [email protected]
File Information
Title: Mace's Ship Prefab Pack
File Name:
Filesize (Uncompressed): 23.7 MB (24,868,295 bytes)
New Textures: Yes
New Shaders: Yes
Bot Support: No
Date Of Release: June 2, 2007

Description: Here are some ships that I have built for a mod that probably will never finish, and these ships may never be put to good use. So I decided to release them to the community for use.

IMPORTANT NOTE: THESE SHIPS ARE RELEASED AS-IS AND SOME MAY NOT BE FINISHED. Also, if you would like to include anything in this pack please give credit to either me (MaceCrusherMadunusus) or Both Ockniel and I as I used some of his textures when building the Star Talon

Installation Information
Place the files in the correct folders (maps in base/maps; textures in base/textures; shaders in base/shaders and so on)

Construction Information

Built within a few days total durring 2006 for a mod thats name will not be announced.
-Includes 7 total ships (Finished or unfinished)

Things needed to be finished
-Neblulon-B (Front end needs building)
-Rebel Transport (needs textures)
-Armageddon (Engines need building)

Help Credits
Ockniel for a few base textures on the Star Talon (Edited by me)

Copyright / Permissions


You MAY distribute these prefabs (Textures and shaders included) inside your map, provided you include this file, with no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
intact, with NO charge (other than incidental charges for time spent on-line).


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