Major Kusanagi

Yay, something brand-spankin' new! I've been waiting for a chance to review something fresh, and this sure is. I'm sure a lot of you guys...


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Yay, something brand-spankin' new! I've been waiting for a chance to review something fresh, and this sure is. I'm sure a lot of you guys will like it. You see, I made the mistake of seeing "Major Kusanagi" and somehow assuming it would be a man... Oops. Definitely not a man.

What's the best part about this model? Graves has already given it single-player support. Not only that, but it also has teams skins - I do like the red and blue shades, they're not overdone in any way - and some new sounds, which fit very well with the model. Unfortunately no BOT or NPC support, but those are really easy enough that anyone could probably whip those up with little difficulty, if they were really wanted.

There were some technical spots on the model which I felt should be addressed. My first gripe was that her hips are awfully small. Now I know she's thin, but I'm thin too and I have more pronounced hips than that. Granted I don't walk around in a thong... but... Anyway, it still looks fine unless you're really conscious of body anatomy, and even then it doesn't look too off. It's possible that it's just my imagination, too.

The second thing I noticed was the hair. It does do the original character justice (I did a very brief google search, but got fed up by the pr0n), but it does have a dark purple line near the edges of the transparency shader. It's not that bad, but it was noticible enough to me to comment on. Now I get the impression it's supposed to be that way, so I'm guessing it's an anime shading technique. I'm also guessing that means anime fans will like that particular aspect of the skin, so mostly ignore me on that since I'm not an anime buff.

The last thing was the hands. I couldn't put my finger on that exactly, but while I was watching the beginning cutscenes from the Yavin level the fingers looked really strange. I don't know if they were rigged strangely or something, but it definitely caught my eye. Is it really that noticible? No, not really. It's not the type of thing that's going to absolutely ruin your game.

Overall, my three gripes are incredibly minor. The model - and the skin - are very well done, so I give kudos to Graves on yet another fine piece of work. We always love to see quality original work, and I definitely hope there's more to come.

Bot Support: No Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: No


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Model's Name            : Major Kusanagi
Author                  : graves
Email Address           :
Skin's description      : The Major from the Ghost in the Shell series
			  Includes team colors and SP compatibility

* Construction *
Base                    : nothing
Editor used             : 3dsmax6/7, Photoshop, Modview, Ngwave.
Known Bugs              : 
Build/Animation time    : 1 week

* How to use this model *

Extract gv_kusanagi.pk3 to your JA base folder.

* Copyright / Permissions *

This file is not to be modified in any way without the permision of it's creators. Please contact me beforehand.

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