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Mandalorians after KotOR

Xin2121 gives to us a rather interesting concept of the progression between the KotOR Mandalorian armour and that of the later generations s...


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File Description

Xin2121 gives to us a rather interesting concept of the progression between the KotOR Mandalorian armour and that of the later generations such as Jango and Boba.

The pack contains reskins of Mars' JangoVM model, and as the author states some of the textures were used to give this the best look.

Firstly the textures, they do seem to achieve the desired look of an old battle worn armour. The author has done well in making the skins look rough and tainted by the multitude of battles Mandalorians seem to favour, so kudos for that.

Now the shaders. Unfortunately in my opinion adding a shiny shader to a skin that is supposed to be old and worn sort of contradicts itself. If a version 2 is to be made, I would lose that decorative shine.

Now onto the bad part, the bugs. The only real issue I found with these skins is the belt. The rather chunky belt around the waist clips fairly badly into the models pelvis, making it both uncomfortable for your Mandalorian and possibly irritating if you view the skin regularly from the front. Another tiny issue is that the helmetless version seems to have no eyes, that or they were just make to be pure black. Although that could just be me and I doubt most people care that much for detail to reject a skin for its eyes.

The concept itself for this Mandalorian armour is very interesting. My favorite part by far is the new visors, there are a couple of different designs both of which give them a more stormtrooper like feel, very well done there. The different jetpacks, and the included no jetpack versions give you that versatility that always gives a skin a more realistic feel. The team skins are just other versions of the regular skins, only the red team variant would be easily recogniseable.

A very nice job indeed, definately worth a download in my opinion, now drop us your bandwidth or I'll introduce you to my westars.

New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes (JangoVM) NPC Support: Yes (jangoVM) Team Support: Yes


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Readme File:
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Mandalorians
AUTHOR: Raziel
E-MAIL: Xin2121@live.com,
WEBSITE: www.myspace.com/yun99
FILENAME: Starkiller

CREDITS: Mars Marshall for the model and a few of his textures that i kept as they were
since they fit in perfectly with what i was aiming for
seeing as how i got the idea from  revan4evr's skin figure he deserved to be credited also

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip/unrar the file into your Jedi Academy Base folder

DESCRIPTION: a cross breed between the mandalorians of kotor and the mandalorians like boba and jango
i made them look a bit battle hardened like they been in many hard fights i think it looks pretty cool 
but thats just my opinion others may differ

changed the armor and viser shapes and retextured alot of different parts
took away some of jangos wrinkles and made him look younger also beat his face up some
made it look like he was in a fight

BUGS: cant be used with the jangovm or bobavm models sorry =(
ill prolly fix this later on 

COMMENTS: i saw  revan4evr's skin gabes mando
and kinda seeing the way the kotor mandaloran armor kind mixed with the shape of the newer boba and jango type mandalorians 
i decided to try and make kind of a cross between the two
i think it came out pretty good 



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