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We have here a Mandalorian skin pack from Duragon and Ernie. Now I love Mandalorian armor and Clone Trooper armor. Some of these skins are...


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We have here a Mandalorian skin pack from Duragon and Ernie. Now I love Mandalorian armor and Clone Trooper armor. Some of these skins are pretty cool, let's look over each of them briefly, but first I should mention something right away, there are no sounds included with this PK3, you're going to need this (;57434) for two of these to have some non-Jaden sounds. The rest are default Jaden male, except one, which is Jaden female.

We have a tan and pure white Mando that reminds me of a dessert I once had at a restaurant. He's got a darker westar pistol than the rest and lacks most the the extra items available to the model.

There is a more Boba Fett styled Mando. It looks like a Boba that had his green armor turned violet. Not too pretty... But not ugly.

This next one I tried was pretty cool. A gray Boba, but he's got pale yellow armor. I like it actually, although I think the cape wasn't necessary on this variant, the whole skin is gray enough without it.

This pack comes with a really cool looking Mando that styles after Jango. He's got red highlights, silver armor, and black clothes and he has the Mandalorian logo on his chest. I thought this skin was awesome. But when I looked at it's behind I was disappointed to see that the clothes are very dark. He looks like he is wearing a SCUBA suit from the player's over the shoulder view.

Every skin pack just has to have a totally desaturated skin in it. ;) This one does too, but he's got some blue on his helmet.

There is a green clothed Jango with a cape. I enjoyed this one the most. Sometimes simple recolors and parts changes can make all the difference. And sometimes, it's a reviewers poor taste in colors. :P

There is a Jaster Fett skin. As much as I love the armor of Mandos I still know nothing about them. Jaster looks like A Jango with a cape. He's got darker blue clothes and red for the main color. I think I spotted the authors using the Adobe Photoshop plastic wrap filter. From far away it looks ok for scratches, but up close it just doesn't make much sense.

I honestly don't know where this idea came from, but the authors decided to make a brightly colored Jango with a cape. Green clothes, blue armor, red shoulderbells, and yellow-green hair with matching beard. This looks really funny, I promised myself I wouldn't laugh on my first review, but I'm afraid that is now impossible. Way to go you two, have a "LOL" on the house. :p

Finally, there is a Mando using a different model. It looks like NeoMarz's Fem Mando model, I can't remember what the original skin looked like, and I can't find it on his site, or ours. So I can't say how much has been changed on this model's skin, but I can say she looks good in pink!

My suggestion to the authors is to hang around modding forums, and learn some cool ways to change color schemes for skins, or to even make some custom textures! This doesn't have full support for bots, NPCs, or even teamplay, but is still worth a download for any Mando fan. I think this was a very good effort for what appear to be a pair of beginners, even though one of those skins was just far out. :P

Bot Support: no Team Support: no New Sounds: no NPC Support: no

~Commander Tesla

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Mando pack
AUTHOR: Duragon & Ernie

WEBSITE: ******


CREDITS**: Model credit goes to Neomarz1. Thank u wfor giving out these models. U are the greatest

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Place the PK3 in our base folder.... simpel

DESCRIPTION: This is a mando pack, me and a firne dhas been working on together. used alot of our time on it
It contains many mandos... so be happy :P

BUGS: none we know. 

COMMENTS: none thanks. 


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