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Ahh, the readme for this file is kinda confusing, so I'm just going to look at it as I would any map. Is this an oldmap revamped, or a new o...


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Ahh, the readme for this file is kinda confusing, so I'm just going to look at it as I would any map. Is this an oldmap revamped, or a new one made from boxes of existing maps? Argh, never mind. :( It's a small/medium sized FFA map with about 4 sections to it. The first thing I noticed (or didn't notice) was the lighting. This map is so incredibly dark it's hard to play in, but I guess we have the good ol' brightness control to sort that out. Still, it is annoying. :(

The map itself seems to me to be fairly standard for an FFA, it reminds me a little of the default maps, which although good, are a bit boring. (in my opinion) As I said, theres four sections, which mostly resemble dueling areas. One is in a grassty courtyard with a statue in the middle, theres one with a glass floor, and there's also a small room filled with fire and , I think, ammo crates :p. I guess as the framerate is so good it would make a nice map for general purpose playing, which is what a lot of people want these days, and I don't think it's geared around RPG'ing that much, just fighting, saber style :D

Interlinking the rooms are a series of little tunnels with purpley-neon lighting. Looks a little out of place, but it's a little different and I think it gives the lighting a little more 'edge.' There's not much more I can put about this - it has some classic Star Wars music in the background, of which I'm not a fan personally, but to each their own - and for such a map I really would have expected bot support. Overall it's a very 'JK3 -themed' map, which isn't all that exciting and by the way of nice eye-candy, its about average, but I can imagine some good FFA's here, but please.. fix the lighting :)

New Sounds: Yes New Textures: No Bot Support: No

~Szico VII~

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Download '' (4.38MB)

				***Map-Review Academy***

Author:			Jawa
E-Mail and MSN:
Install:		extract the .zip file into your gamedata/base folder
Uninstall:		delete the .pk3 file from your gamedata/base folder

Discription:		Wedge made a box that all the people (16) who joined the contest
			had to edit the map and make something special and of it in 1
			month and a half.
			I made sort of an academy map of it.

			And thanks to Nozyspy who helped me a lot with map. THANKS MATE.

New Shaders:		No
New Textures:		No
New Music:		Yes
New Sounds:		No
New Models:		No
Bot Routes:		No

These are all the 16 people is names:

TK 409er 
Need Help 

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