Map-Review's Academy v2



Well, here we have v2 of Jawa’s Map Review Academy map. The first version was made as pert of a competition over at Map-Review where you got a boxy outline map, and had to detail it, and such. For more info check here: http://www.map-review.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1286

Now that the competitions over, Jawa’s released a second version, which expands upon the original. There a some very noticeable changes in this map. The duelling rooms, that had the cool floor I liked, have been turned into 2 bars/duelling rooms, personally I really liked the floor as it was before :/ But oh well. There are a couple of other things I didn’t really like, like having to do the use function on the doors to open them, and in the storage room, I liked the lighting better as it was before.

The area with the statue, has a solid roof over it now, not a glass one, which is good and bad, its good, because it looks like a room deep underground or something, which is cool, but it has trees in it, which look kinda weird for somewhere without any sunlight getting to it :S

The good points I liked were that the maps been extended a bit, a new long corridor has been added, which opens up a lot of possibilities to expand the map further, like maybe adding some new duelling rooms along it. The new corridor fits perfectly with the original map, which is good. The light textures also look good, and the new music (from episode 3) goes very well I think too. :)

Overall, a great map for clans, its pretty cool, however it does lack the strong atmospheric lighting of the first version, which I liked.

A decent map for clans here like I said, give it a download, and see what you think :)

Personally, I would love to see more versions of this in the future, there’s lots of possibilities you could expand on here in the future, good work m8 :)

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA




				***Map-Review's Academy v2***

Author:			Jawa
E-Mail and MSN:		[email protected]
Install:		extract the .zip file into your gamedata/base folder
Uninstall:		delete the .pk3 file from your gamedata/base folder

Discription:		This is the second version of the Map-Reviews Academy. There isn't
			much that has been changed, just the light that I changed. Hope it
			is better now? The outside area is a bit different to, I added
			some trees in the grass. I also added 2 bars to the map, and an
			extra hall way. There aren't any secrets in this map (just one:
			to get the menu in the lower bar :), that will be in the 3rd

New Shaders:		No
New Textures:		Yes
New Music:		Yes
New Sounds:		No
New Models:		No
Bot Routes:		No

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