Mara Jade in Heir to the Empire Jumpsuit

Here we have a new skin of one of my favourite Expanded universe characters (after good old Kyle of course!) Mara Jade! This skin is modelle...


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Here we have a new skin of one of my favourite Expanded universe characters (after good old Kyle of course!) Mara Jade! This skin is modelled after the heir to the Empire Mara outfit, and from the pictures I could find it looks very accurate too!

The model that has been reskinned here is HapSlash’s Gwethenea model, and personally I think Shadowknight has made an excellent choice here going with this model as it fits the bill just right. Moving onto the texturing job you can see that the author has spent a good deal of time here getting this skin just right. Like I said before, the skin is very accurate, especially of course Mara’s famous flame red hair and green eyes. There are also custom sounds included with the skin, though I am not sure where they are from. Though I suspect that they might be from Dark Forces II: Mysteries of the Sith.

There are some things I think should be improved upon though, the main one being that there are no team skins. Team skins as I often say are an important part of a skin, and no skin or skin-pack fels quite complete without them. I definitely think then that some team skins should be added for next time around. I would also like to see a few different versions of Mara too, bundled up into a nice skin-pack.

That said though, this skin is excellent both in the choice of model used and the quality of the skin itself. Added to all that we also have a brand new custom hilt; Mara’s own! This is also an excellent piece of work in itself and was contributed to this mod by Khaliban.

All in all then, excellent work here, both by Shadowknight for the great new skin and also Khaliban for the new saber model. Combined this makes a must-have mod for all Mara Jade fans! So if you are a fan of Mara, or just like the look of this mod, then give it a download! :)

New Sounds: Yes Bot Support:Yes Team Support: No


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

TITLE: Mara Jade in Heir to the Empire jumpsuit with lightsaber
AUTHOR: Shadowknight1
FILENAME: Mara_jumpsuit.pk3 & Mara.pk3
DATE CREATED: September 16, 2008(finished)
DATE RELEASED: September 18, 2008

CREDITS: First off, credits to Hapslash for his Gwethenea model and for him allowing me to use it, his readme is included in the zip.  Credits for the shader go to Kahn D'halaine, and it looks awesome!  And final credit goes to Khaliban for allowing me to release his updated version of his Mara Jade lightsaber model in this pack.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip the file and drop the Mara_jumpsuit.pk3 and the Mara.pk3 into your JK Base folder.

DESCRIPTION: This mod started when I tried to see if anyone had made this version of Mara.  You know.  Without the jacket.  In short, no one had, and someone pointed out that Hapslash's Gweth model might work for a reskin.  So, I did what any self respecting artist/modder/film director would do.  Since no one else was doing it, I did it myself.  After many many weeks of working with it, basing the skin partly off of screens of Mara in TFU Wii and an action figure I own of Mara, I present it to the public.  She is complete with a shader by Kahn D'halaine and a brand spankin new, high-res lightsaber model by Khaliban.  Unfortunately, no cape.  I can't model.

BUGS: None.

COMMENTS: The skin is based more off the action figure, so some details are a bit off, nothing too big though and still looks good to me.


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