Marka Ragnos Reborn

I'll let Inyri's review of v1 speak for itself.

This is a concept I haven't seen before and it's fairly interesting. The author th...


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I'll let Inyri's review of v1 speak for itself.

This is a concept I haven't seen before and it's fairly interesting. The author thought to turn our friend the reborn into Marka Ragnos himself. So basically the reborn has been colored blue, to match Ragnos' ghastly appearance at the end of Jedi Academy's single-player campaign, and part of Ragnos' face has been pasted on. Now I'll admit that i think the skin would look a lot better if it looked more like it was Ragnos instead of some guy who ripped Ragnos' face of and was wearing it at a mask, but that's potentially something to think of for the future. Until then if you think it looks interesting give it a download. No team support or extras, and it doesn't even use the Ragnos soundset which is kind of a bummer.


And now you're wondering, with that done, what am *I* going to write about? Why, the new stuff of course!

The mask has been modified. It now looks a lot more like a mask, albeit the latex kind. Makes him look like he's going to fancy dress speed dating, in a way. Okay, maybe not.

Team colors have been added, with the gauntlets and boots becoming cyan on blue, and having a not-so-visually-pleasing red plastered over them for the red team. Really. That red doesn't look good at all, and hardly keeps the integrity of the textures. I can't tell off the bat what method you used, but it looks like you made a red layer over where you wanted the red and set it to 'Color Burn'. Quite icky, I must say.

You'll notice the little chains straight off. Minor detail, but a nice detail nevertheless. Included as a bonus is an 'alternate' version which has the Sith equivalent of a WWE Championship belt around it's waist. Only he's wearing it backwards. Nitpicks, nitpicks.

Not a bad upgrade if you liked the prior version. Just needs a little work on that red teamcolor.

~ Kouen

Team Support: Yes [/b]Bot Support:[/b] No NPC Support: No New Sounds: No (Base Ragnos sounds)

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Download '' (1.13MB)

Title: Marka Ragnos Reborn v2
Author: Exile
E-Mail: /

Installation/Uninstallation: Put the pk3 included in the zip in your JKA GameData/base folder. To remove the skin from your game,
delete to pk3 from the base folder.

Description: It's the same ideea, it's still a masked reborn. This IS NOT supposed to be Marka Ragnos himself, this is supposed to be
a reborn wearing a marka ragnos mask.  Things done in v2:

- I highlighted the mask so it looks more like a mask; (Thanks to Sylvannas for the advice)
- I fixed a problem with the eyes and lower lip;
- I added team colors;
- I added some chains on the torso, unfortunatley the hood is over the upper part of the chains which was the most important... but whatever;
- I added an 'alternate' version. It's the same thing, but I added some kind of small armor to the back.. I don't really think it looks that good, but I still released it with the mod xD;
- Finally, I added sounds from Marka Ragnos.


Bugs: Clipping problems on the hood.

Credits: DAJ Padawan Sylvannas, for giving me a few advices for the skin.


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