Master Desann

You know, one thing just struck me. Has anyone ever seen any Chistori aside from Desann? (I'm aware of Cydon Prax, by the way, and he...


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You know, one thing just struck me. Has anyone ever seen any Chistori aside from Desann? (I'm aware of Cydon Prax, by the way, and he's not of the same species as Desann. His species was originally named 'Chistori', but sometime in 2005 it was decided to give that name to Desann's species instead. Gotta love retcons.)

Moving on before I spawn a lecture on amatuer eugenics, we're all aware Desann got a big pile of rocks thrown on him - if only he were sitting on a donkey at the time, so we could say he got stoned off his anyway moving quickly on there's always been debate on whether or not Desann died. Let's say he did, and he went straight to Hell. Purgatory. Hades. Tartarus. FileFront HQ. It's the same thing, whatever you want to call it.

InubisPL presents us with this image of what Desann would look like as the master of Hell, all souped-up with that dead guy energy stuff. For a dead guy, he's lookin' pretty good. Decomposition is for nubs. So, that's the premise behind this.

As for the skin, though, it's relatively simple. Not to say it looks bad, but it strikes me more as the difference between Tavion and Possessed Tavion, than Desann and Master Of Hell Desann.

First change. Desann's face has been grayscaled. Second change, his clothing has been grayscaled. Third change, his armor has been changed to a vivid firey orange. Hands, neck and eyes appear to have been left alone. Now, don't get me wrong, I like the orange armor. I just think the rest of 'im looks.... plain. It does kinda look like he's wearing a space-age tracksuit underneath that breastplate, though. Heh.

Plenty of extras included, which increases the fun. Two NPCs, ally and enemy. Two other NPCs as 'Master Desann's' slaves. Can't say they're particularly hard to beat up, but I guess they do their jobs well enough. Two new sabers reusing the Retribution and Stinger hilts, although it would've been easier to just add the originals to the menu. And, of course, the sounds.

Overall nothing particularly special, but for such a simple product, it does look good in-game. Plus the author went in and added extras most people don't really think of, which is a plus point. I wouldn't mind seeing a little more creativity and technique from InubisPL in the future, though.

~ Kouen

Bot Profile: No NPC Profiles: Yes Custom Sounds: Yes Team Colors: Np

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Download '' (4.36MB)

TITLE: Master Desann

DESCRIPTION: This is a little reskin of Desann.(I hope you like it)I've done small remake original Desann sounds.
Why he's called Master Desann... He has returned from Hell & start practice New Cult of Force.
Kyle Katarn BEWARE!!

Bot support: No
Npc support: Yes [good = mdesann; bad = mdesann-bad]
New sounds:  Just little remake of old

Unzip the contents of this zip file into your Jedi Academy/Gamedata/Base folder.

I've created saber based on Retribution (Master's Sword- type "saber sword") & based on tavion's Stinger (NewCultist Blade- type "saber newcult")
Master Desann has own servants- New Cultists (newcult1; newcult2)[just type "npc spawn newcult1 or newcult2"]

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