This reskin attempts to turn the Yoda model into the Knights of the Old Republic character Master Vandar. Being a KotOR modder, I have the a...


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This reskin attempts to turn the Yoda model into the Knights of the Old Republic character Master Vandar. Being a KotOR modder, I have the added benefit of access to the original game textures to compare for accuracy. There are things to be said for this reskin on both sides of the fence.

Let's get the textures out of the way. This looks like a relatively straight-forward recolor with a few different details here and there. The color scheme is roughly correct, although in terms of perfect accuracy several colors are off. Firstly the skin is a little too red -- in KotOR Vandar's skin is more of a dark yellow brown... and it's actually quite contrasted, unlike this skin. Also Vandar's eyes are blue, not brown. This under-robes (the 'yellow' ones) are also more of a khaki color than a yellow.

Now that we got that out of the way, we can focus on the reasonable points. This skin is basically a good representation. The model isn't really right, beyond being the same species as Vandar, so there can't be 100% accuracy here. All things considered though, it's a good effort and does a pretty good job with what's available. As an added bonus, a Force ghost version is also available. Curious, since it's never outright said that Vandar dies anywhere in the series (although it's generally accepted that he died at Miraluka).

No team support unfortunately, but NPC and bot support have been included so extra fun is available there. Not a bad skin for KotOR fans, or Yoda fans, or both.

Team Support: No Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Master_Vandar 
AUTHOR: Leevor/Darth Liquidius 

FILENAME: Master_Vandar.pk3 
FILESIZE: 5,423 kb 
DATE RELEASED: 17 September 2007 

DESCRIPTION: This is a reskin of Toshi's exellent yoda model, recoulered and textured in places to look more like master Vandar from KOTOR. I made this because of the lack of Vandar models, or at least ones that aren't ported :P So after some carefull consideration i decided to ask Toshi permission to use his model to do a reskin, this is the finished result. Included in this file are two versions of Vandar; the first skin is Vandar as he appeard in Kotor and the second is a force ghost version of vandar (made mainly for rp'ers.)

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Simply extract the "Master_Vandar.pk3" to "C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base" or if that appears to fail extract to desktop and manually place the pk3 in "base".
Vandar should then appear in your list of models.

BUGS: Clipping, present in both the original and this reskin, sadly unavoidable due to limitations of the jka engine.
Please report any others to the me via e-mail.

The exellent model & origonal textures - Toshi
Edited and recoloured textures - Leevor (thats me :P)
Sounds - Master_skywalker, Toshi, misc.
Support - Void Qel Udar{KOTOE_RP}

Extra comments: Sometimes parts of the ghost_vandar will appear to stand out, belive me this is not my fault its the engine... if you have any idea how this may be fixed or improved please contact me via e-mail and i will get back to you, as i don't have time to tackle currently as i have a lot of school work that needs doing (6th form FTL!!!!! lol)
Also feel freel to check out my rp clan Knights of the old empire (KOTOE) rp which is set around the mandolorian wars timeline, we're reachable through my website stated in this readme.
And finally the saber vandar is using in the screenshots is "Vandar" available in the KOTOR sabers pack, highly recommended.


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