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First off, might I say WHOA!!! 9 maps are in this pack, as well as the long-awaited Matrix Reloaded v3 map :D I have been waiting so long...


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First off, might I say WHOA!!! 9 maps are in this pack, as well as the long-awaited Matrix Reloaded v3 map :D I have been waiting so long for this it's untrue :) Anyway, where can I start? There's so much to choose from. I might as well begin with the main FFA maps, which come in day, and nightime versions. The main area has had a huge work overhaul, and isn't quite the same as usual. There's still the basketball court, middle section e.t.c, but it's seems a little smaller, possibly because the floor textures are bigger then they were before. ;) If this is so, how is the filesize bigger? Well, here's why. There's a whole host of new arenas, textures and fun duel areas to keep your interest, and there's even a bouncy castle now! I spent over half an hour bouncing around there and looking like a prat :) Anyway, more on that later. The second reason for the larger filesize is that Nathan has included a new piece of music (as well as the Burlybrawl.mp3) which happens to be my favourite Matrix music of all time :D Just listen to it at around 1:00min. FANTASTIC :) (It's the chateaux fighting music.)

Now then, back to the map. There are some new areas, and some old ones have gone. This may cause unrest for those who enjoyed these areas, and I hope I won't detract from anyone's expreience. The sniper areas are still intact, for which I'm very happy, although Nathan has decided not to include the flat areas in his interests of keeping high FPS throughout the whole map, which I might add he has done spectacularly well :) I averaged over 100fps throughout the whole map! And i still averaged over 35fps with 4x Anti-Aliasing on :) No kidding! So, although the flats are gone, servers wont be getting any lag problems with this map. Now, don't get upset because they're gone, be happy, because the new and improved areas make up for this loss very well. The skating rink looks neater than ever (Love the blue beams) and the fans in there weren't just added to fill space, you can tell each area has been really well thought out. As I mentioned before, there's also a bouncy castle area (which is great fun) and also a raceway which stretches around the top of the main arena, and theres a short one in the car park as well.

So, that brings me onto the car park area. Now this is probably the area which has changed the most from the V2. For a start, the textures in here are a HUGE improvement over the v2, and this makes the whole arena that much more creative. Secondly, the road has been tweaked and altered into a 3-storey ...thingy. ;) Which looks very good. The roof area is still intact, and the electric room is more detailed. What's next? Ah yes, the secret room. This area of the map looks nicely made, with a huge stereo system and a DJ set. Pity most of its textures were missing :( Not to worry, its a hidden room, so I doubt many people will use it :) The other areas, which many will remember from the V1 and v2 are the Chateaux, the Teahouse and the 'Coded' Teahouse. The teahouse is very well designed, and realistic. It's probably the best one-on-one duel area in the map, so I spent lots of time looking at all the cool architecture e.t.c. Then I moved onto the 'Coded' version. The first thing I noticed was that the scrolling matrix code looks much, MUCH neater and flows together with each other in a much improved way. Plus, it looks especially cool with Dynamic Glow on :) The final area I found was the Chateaux. It has come a long way from the v1, although not much has changed here from the V2 version. Good job :) Finally, the Architects room. The textures in here are a little misaligned, but I can't see them being any better. ( Being a mapper myselft and knowing how frustrating curves can be;) ) Theres still the good old chair and 2 doors to choose from. This room is a good duel area, although its fun to see how many people you can cram in there :)

That's about all I have to say for the day version. Next, the NIGHT version ! Well, it's basically the same map, except at night-time :) The most noticable difference, aside from it having a nicer sky and darker lighting, is the windows in the main area. They now glow from within, casting lovely shadows all over the arena. My one downer was that the color is a little too contrasted for my liking, but its still a lovely effect. Oh wait, I missed an area! The corridors! They are again, much improved, and look better. You can also tell which doors teleport and which ones dont because some pulsate and some dont. Anyway, back on track. What else is different in the night version.. well, that's actually about it. There's no special arenas in it, but it doesnt need em. I just like the change in atmosphere :)

Finally, there is now a clever map in the levelshot, showing you where all the arenas are, so if you found yourself getting lost in the V2, this should make life easier for you :D I personally think this is a much better idea than having 2 maps, one with, and one without signs (like the V2) because it would make the filesize way too large. I really can't recommend this download enough, it may be a bit on the large side, but it's well worth it :) :) The other 7 maps are duel maps, ecah one in a certain part of the main map. They're basically the same areas found in the main ffa maps, except with the rest closed off. And don't worry, they also come in day and night variations :D

10/10 Perfect work. :)

New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Bot Support : Yes

~Szico VII~

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Download '' (33.34MB)

Mapped by NaThan

Textures by NaThan and  a special thx to Szico for the 
window and brick textures used in the Bruly Brawl Arena

MAIN FFA MAPS :			 Admin  Map Names

Matrix Day FFA Map 		( devmap      matrixv3_day )
Matrix Night FFA Map    		( devmap      matrixv3_night )


Matrix Burly Brawl Duel Map Day 	( devmap      matrixv3_burlybrawl )
Matrix Burly Brawl Duel Map Night	( devmap      matrixv3_burlybrawl_night)
Matrix Chateau Duel Map		( devmap      matrixv3_chateau )
Matrix PowerStation Duel Map	( devmap      matrixv3_powerstation )
Matrix PowerStation Duel Night Map	( devmap      matrixv3_powerstation_night )
Matrix TeaHouse Duel Map		( devmap      matrixv3_teahouse )
Matrix Code TeaHouse Duel Map	( devmap      matrixv3_codeteahouse )

Version : Version 3

Build Time : Just over 3 weeks

New Textures : Yes

New Music : Yet again yes :) two tracks now ;)

New Shaders : Yes, a few cool ones made by me :D 

New Models : If mapping counts as modeling, yea, if not, well no then :P

Bot Support : Of course, all maps bot routed for your offline pleasure

Installation : Take the Matrixv3 PAK file and place it into yur base folder ( eg JKA/GAMEDATA/BASE ) this 
will install all the maps, any problems feel free to email me for help.

Map Notes : You gonna notice this isnt the same map as V1 / V2, thought it was time for a rebuild of all the
Arenas, Had high FPS in mind so i redid the whole map from scratch :)  Removed all the useless stuff from
V2, improved the good stuff from V2 and then added a pinch of salt and here is the finished version :) There are 
Day and Night Versions of the FFA maps and the same goes for some of the Duel maps. The PHONE BOXES serve 
as the main way to other areas of the map along with THE CORRIDORS, The flashing doors are the ways about this area. 
A Swoop Track is also Built into the map, the swoops can be accessed from the roof of the powerstation car park when 
they first spawn it may trigger a slight pause, but this will happen only once :) The swoops CANT be taken off the race track 
that goes around the rooftops and around the power station car park bit, sorry but i dont want u interferring with duels ;) and no, there is no break in the fence this time it is immpossable to get em off the track ;) ( i tried for a day and i think i made it secure )
The Bounce arena is back and so is the Ice Arena both redone. Also there is ONE secret area, dotn email me asking where 
it is, cos it wouldnt be a secret if i told you now would it :) and remember HAVE FUN :D 


Lil Killa for helping me with a few questions  i had and looking at WIP 

[SASH] Joker Dood, [SASH] ToX, [SASH] Maze, [SASH] Cookie, BBQ Picto, BBQ Blindside, [JEDI]Adam and Szico VII for beta 

Szico VII for the main arena brick and window textures

Chateau floor texture made by [EK] ( Everlight Knight ) used with permission and with a big thank you to the maker:)
For a better version of the Chateau check out EK's map

Wood Texture by HFX

Rich Diesals mapping university, taught me alot about the quake 3 engine and jk2 mapping

Also thank you to everyone who posts at MAP CENTRE forums, the Raven and Jesterspaz tutorials have been most useful,  also the LUCAS JKA mapping forums and YDNAR for Q3map2 that maps your 
map light sooo well and answering my questions on the spashdamage q3map2 forums. 

Also a big mention to all my friends in the JK2/JKA world, at the Jolt servers, and the sash clan server

Visit the [SASH] Site at : and the [SASH] server at :

ANOTHER JKMODS PRODUCT :) Visit our site for more details of up and coming MODS, MAPS and other items by us



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