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Nathan brings us the fourth version of his Matrix Reloaded map. He claims it's the final version, but only time will tell. ;) He definitely...


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Nathan brings us the fourth version of his Matrix Reloaded map. He claims it's the final version, but only time will tell. ;) He definitely has made some improvements to this map. The FPS is better than I remember. The new textures are nice. The Blah Room is interesting. Thankfully, many of the teleports are labeled, so you know where you're going. There's a new nightclub added. And there are some great duel areas added.

Now onto what I really was impressed by - the bonus maps. :D The Kill Bill map is lovely. Snow falls all around the place where that famous huge fight happened. The textures I just love, the lighting is great, and it seems fairly accurate. I adore this map.

FFA Streets is also a great map and reminds me of a duel map I used to play on. I love that night city look. The neon lights, the buildings, all of it looks wonderful. Oh, and it totally has a ship, just like JK2's FFA map NS Streets.

Don't judge this final version of the Matrix Reloaded by the screenshots, you need to download the map and play it to really get a feel for it. I love what Nathan's done with the swoops and the track. Great map!

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA, Duel


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Download '' (31.84MB)

Matrix Reloaded FINAL (v4 for any1 whos counting )

And A few bonus maps.... 

Mapped by NaThan
(, dont add me to MSN,I dont really use it and if I do,  ill only block you ;) , feel free tho to email me regarding this map and any questions )

a JKMODS production ( )

Maps Included : 	Matrix_Reloaded_Final

( The above names are what should be typed in to get to that map in console )

New Textures  : Yus, bad ones at that by they do the job :D

New Shaders : Yus, managed to fig out some of that code stuff w00t!

New Sounds/Music : Yus  mixed on vestax PDX D3 (mark 1's) Decks, Numark 1635 Mixer, Sony MDR 700's and compressed in Cool Edit Pro 2

New Models : Yus ( well so to speak ;) Mapping is modeling is it not :P )

Map Install : Just extract the Matrix_reloaded_mp.PK3 file into yur JKA/base folder

Map Uninstall : Delete the Matrix_reloaded_mp.PK3 from yur base folder ( but why you would want to do that is beyond me )

Special Thx to the followin' : JLG Clan for there Ideas and support ( Dacs, JainaD'kana, AidenD'kana, Vindicator, AngelD'kana,Dreamless, Obi, Tiamat, Dragonslayer, Sovereign and Beck )   BambiD'kana, Blah, Sauce, Katan, BlueChixorz, ArinaD'kana, ShaakTi, Quiet Guardian, Calsa, JokerDood, Biscuit, Q, John, Jimbo,Kauyon, Aud, Nanaki, Austin (lil Killa), Scarlet ( thx for helping with MB and running V2 on a server ), *Vas*Buffy, Szcio ( for textures, ta ) , Living Dead Jedi, Sash Clan ( RIP), and lastly Jedi Adam ( for nuff support with map and general bi***in :P ). Woah, like one oscar speech, guess I should thank  God too, but I dont want to so I wont ( he kept complaining about the FPS :P )  To any names I have Missed out, Im sorry :), Check our site for Phuture Releases ( )

Check out swat mods, coming soon for call of duty, featuring two levels by myself, Swat_TheRock and Swat_IranianEmbassy ( )

Dedicated to a good friendship, lost due to the selfish actions of one bhoy (thx) and my bad temper. Lairs are always exposed for the frauds they are.

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